PQ Congress: 98.5% of members trust PSPP

PQ Congress: 98.5% of members trust PSPP  

PSPP at the PQ convention this Saturday

Parti Québécois leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon was acclaimed at his political party's convention held in Sherbrooke on Saturday. He won 98.5% support in a vote of confidence he had to face. PSPP managed to get its PQ Blue Book proposal adopted, also without great difficulty.

The Party also announced, still at this congress, that it will present its “budget of the year 1” in June, while a first version was to be revealed to the general public since June 2022. François Legault, while he was still a separatist, had attempted this exercise in 2004.

Three other “construction sites”: independence, citizenship and immigration will also be launched with the aim of preparing the party for the next electoral battle of 2026. In the general elections of October 3, 2022, the PQ obtained the worst result of its history. He was only able to elect three deputies. However, a recent rise in the polls of political training has created hope among activists. Moreover, it was under the slogan “Always alive”, a song by Gerry Boulet, that Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon entered the room where the activists were meeting.

He promises constancy, perseverance and coherence, which “define” his political action. The PQ leader's strategy aims to strengthen the independence argument while the Coalition avenir Québec clashes with Ottawa on several issues. Note that in 2026, an election year, the PQ intends to present its own definition of citizenship for an independent Quebec.

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