PQ race: Guy Nantel will remain provocative

PQ race: Guy Nantel will remain provocative

Guy Nantel

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Olivier Bossé Le Soleil The Parti Quebecois will choose its new leader on October 9, two years after the resignation of Jean-François Lisée. During the last four weeks of this marathon race, Le Soleil will present the four candidates running to lead the PQ to the general election of 2022. Today: Guy Nantel

Guy Nantel likes to provoke. To provoke reflections, reactions. “Confronting issues where we are too careful, on issues that we do not dare touch,” he explains. And he will continue even if he is elected leader of the Parti Québécois in two weeks.

“I find that it is necessary to do it and that is how the population trusts a politician,” he said in an interview with Le Soleil .

“It is I who have the most media attention in this race and it is not for nothing”, continues the comedian of just 52 years, that the general public first knew as a winner of the Course destination monde of 1993-1994, then in his scenic career as a monologist.

“In the kind of humor that I do, there is a lot of second degree that makes people react. I have never hidden that I like provocation. It helps advance in art or politics, ”says the man whose mother was a PQ and whose father was liberal. “That's why debates don't scare me!”

When the idea of seeing Mr. Nantel running for the leadership of the Parti Québécois surfaced at the end of 2019, some people rightly believed in a simple provocation. Ten months later, it is clear that it has gained in credibility.

“But my character must not overshadow my content”, he underlines again, wishing that “the ideas which are in a platform of 32 pages, considered, discussed, debated as a team with specialists” , take up more space in reports and analyzes about it.

“A big machine that swallows you”

The one who stood out for the social and political tone of his humor describes himself as “a humorous philosopher”. “Someone who wants to convey a reflection, who wants to advance the level of consciousness, of understanding of the issues.”

He claims to have been the first surprised to see “famous people involved in politics” soliciting him for the post of future leader of the PQ. He had already been approached before to get into politics, but “never in 100 years” had he asked the question seriously until then.

He finds in the political world “something very fascinating and fascinating”.

“It is I who have the most media attention in this race and it is not for nothing” – Guy Nantel

“It's different from the environment I'm in [humor], where we impose our rhythm. Especially since I write my show on my own and I don't really have a director. It is more I who say to my producers and managers: “I will be ready on such and such a date” and everything is organized around me.

“Politics is a big machine that swallows you up and you go into a whirlwind,” continues Mr. Nantel. It was an apprenticeship. Of course, there is fatigue at the end of this race, psychological fatigue. You are still thinking! Even during the spring confinement, I was always, always telling myself: “How could I improve this, I would have to perfect this, I find that I am not getting this idea well.”

“That's politics, there is always something to do, always something to move forward. That's what I learned the most during those months. A show, a book, a movie, at some point, it's over. But politics is in real time, ”he says, without complaining.

Righting the PQ boat

Mr. Nantel assures us that all this will not change him.

“I'm not going to give myself a role because 'now I'm a boss'. There is no tape! In politics, you're not the only one to decide, but if there's one thing I deeply disagree with, I'm never going to defend it. It’s out of the question, it’s not in my nature, ”he says.

He pleads the right to make mistakes for politicians. But that they also have the humility to recognize the good moves of their adversaries.

“It will not be the little nanny partisanship of the 'we are champions, the others are rotten', he promises. The world is sickened to hear such matters! We must not work in the sense of partisanship, but in the sense of the people. ”

In the end, according to him, his notoriety makes him the candidate of choice to make the PQ a winning party again.

“What I call winning is not fair to win the election in 2022. It is also to win the bet that we will straighten it out, the boat, that we will move forward. If we are the opposition, we will be the first opposition and we will have a respectable number of members. We are going to be respected again as a political party. “

Guy Nantel emphasizes that his connection with the Quebec population has no equal among his three opponents in the chiefdom.

“Being an ordinary guy, a simple guy, who had a very ordinary life even though I'm a famous personality. I was born in low-rent housing, I lived there for 16 years and I made my way. I think I embody the thinking of many Quebecers, ”he concludes.

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