PQ youth no longer believe that party can be unifying

Nearly thirty young Péquistes sign an open letter affirming that there was a break between the Parti Québécois (PQ) and Quebec and that this rupture is too big to be corrected, especially with the new generation .
In a letter sent to La Presse , the signatories say that despite the Parti Québécois’ contribution to great progress for Quebec, more and more people are realizing that the future may be elsewhere. In their opinion, the PQ is no longer able to gather the forces of the nation to lead to its independence.

Some of the signatories of the letter are elected in militant associations.

The publication of the letter was initiated by Melissa Nilsson, who was vice-chair of the Parti Québécois National Youth Committee until recently.

The Lette is a support for Catherine Fournier, Marie-Victorin’s former MP for PQ, who slammed the door of her political party last Monday, preferring to wear the label of Independent Sovereignty.

The authors of the letter write that they will try to convince their colleagues in the Parti Québécois of the need to start on a new basis, in neutral territory, so that the real union of the separatists can happen again.

These new shakes in the Parti Quebecois come as delegates gather next weekend in Trois-Rivières for a national council. The president of the party, Gabrielle Lemieux, will present an action plan in which it is expected that the Parti Québécois will hold a conference of questioning next fall.

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