Prison for being involved in pimping

For indulging in pimping, Kevin Grenier-Lachance will be deprived of his freedom for the next year. The 24-year-old Magogois admitted Wednesday that he had been charged with procuring and related charges at the Sherbrooke courthouse.

G renier-Lachance followed in the footsteps of his new friend Mathieu Larin, sentenced to five and a half years in prison for procuring, when he committed these crimes of sexual exploitation.

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The accused admitted having brought a person to offer sexual services for payment between March 19 and April 6, 2017 in Quebec City and Sherbrooke.

Kevin Grenier-Lachance also admitted to having advertised sexual services for payment, attempting to bring a person to offer sexual services for compensation and drug trafficking.

“The seizure of Kevin Grenier-Lachance’s cell revealed that he was advertising to offer sexual services. He also offered a friend with whom he had an intimate relationship to become an escort, but the woman refused, “said prosecutor Genevieve Crepeau.

Grenier-Lachance was introduced to Mathieu Larin by one of the women who will become one of the victims.

“Kevin Grenier-Lachance and Mathieu Larin are going on a slippage of consumption. Larin will initiate Grenier-Lachance as a pimp. He brought a friend to prostitute himself, “explains Me Crépeau.

“The money he made was given to Mathieu Larin. They have consumed together, but his participation in the gestures he recognizes is clear, “adds Raymond.

Grenier-Lachance also acknowledged harassment in July 2017 to join one of Larin’s victims.

The accused sent several text messages to get in touch with one of the victims of Larin who had just lodged a complaint for pimping.

“We do not know exactly if it was for him or for Larin he was trying to join,” says Me Crépeau.

The smaller role that Kevin Grenier-Lachnace played relative to Larin and the lack of a judicial record played in favor of the accused in sentencing.

“Unlike Larin, he did not accept violence. My client was not in this environment. He continued to be an asset to society. He has hit a wall since his arrest. He has fasted since the beginning of the proceedings. There is a difference with Mathieu Larin’s record, “said Raymond.

He presented the joint suggestion of a year in jail with Me Geneviève Crépeau.

“I was the judge who made the decision in Mathieu Larin. I remember that you have no judicial record, that you have not made your main activity and your abstinence from events. Let’s hope we will not see you again in court. The sentence may appear lenient, but the suggestion of the lawyers takes into account your personal situation, “said Justice Chapdelaine.

A probation of a year where he will not be able to contact Mathieu Larin and the victims on file has been imposed.

“I agree with everything that has been said,” he said at Grenier-Lachance court before being sentenced to a first term of imprisonment.

His name will be listed for 20 years in the Sex Offender Registry.

It was in April 2018 that Mathieu Larin was sentenced to a long prison sentence in this case of pimping.

A young woman initially agreed to do erotic massages that were actually escort services in the Quebec City area. Pimp Mathieu Larin took control of the sexual life of four young women, including a minor, who prostituted on his behalf mainly in Sherbrooke.

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