Private health agencies: “a cannibalization of our workforce”

Private health agencies: «a cannibalization of our labor force»

In addition to costing us “a fortune”, the presence of private healthcare “should worry us”, warns Paul St-Pierre Plamondon. The leader of the Parti Québécois claims to have spoken to the Prime Minister about it during their meeting on Tuesday in Montreal.

For him, it is a question of “cannibalization of our work force in the network”, responsible its labor issues.

The real priority should be to bring caregivers back into our public network, considers for his part the co-spokesperson for Québec solidaire, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois. According to him, “the boat is leaking everywhere and François Legault wants to make more holes” by financing the private sector.

Sit-ins, ultimatums to quit, closed ERs, these are symptoms that cannot be ignored.” Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois urges the government to abandon “Éric Duhaime's private mini-hospitals and to break the vicious circle of private employment agencies”. Québec solidaire would collaborate with the CAQ if a bill were tabled to tighten the screws on the private sector.

All the leaders of the opposition parties met with Premier François Legault at the dawn of the resumption of parliamentary activities in Quebec.

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