Public health director Horacio Arruda resigns

The director of public health, Horacio Arruda resigns

After having worked for 10 years as national director of public health, Dr Horacio Arruda is stepping down.

The news was first revealed by TVA Nouvelles. The content of the resignation letter was posted on Twitter by journalist Félix Séguin. [/embed ]

Recent criticisms of Horacio Arruda and his credibility lead him to resign.

“Recent comments made on the credibility of our opinions and on our scientific rigor undoubtedly cause a certain erosion of the adhesion of the population. In such a context, I consider it appropriate to offer you the possibility of replacing me before the end of the term of my mandate, at least as national director of public health “, he wrote in his letter.

Remember that Dr. Arruda is also Assistant Deputy Minister of Health.

More details to come.

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