QS: Marie-Eve Rancourt withdraws her candidacy in Camille-Laurin

QS: Marie-Eve Rancourt withdraws her candidacy in Camille-Laurin

Marie-Eve Rancourt

Marie-Eve Rancourt, Québec solidaire (QS) candidate caught stealing a Parti Québécois (PQ) flyer ) in a mailbox in order to put his own, withdraws from the race in Camille-Laurin.

“We took the time Manon, the campaign team and I to find out facts, to consult our team, explained the spokesperson for Québec solidaire Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, during a press conference in Sainte-Henri-Sainte-Anne. We then had a frank discussion with Marie-Ève ​​Rancourt, who announced that she was withdrawing her candidacy.”

The ex-candidate “would not have taken this decision lightly”, but “did not wish to become a distraction” within the party. According to Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, no complaint has been filed with the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) for theft. Indeed, mail theft is a crime under the Criminal Code, and may even be punishable by imprisonment.

The message is clear: these are not actions acceptable to Québec solidaire. Moreover, Marie-Eve quickly apologized for this serious error in judgment. She herself knew that this was unacceptable. We want to campaignfair play and according to the rules.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois

Advance voting took place on Sunday and Monday. This means that Marie-Ève ​​Rancourt will potentially have received votes. Even if she has withdrawn from Québec solidaire, she could be elected as an independent MP, if she decides to remain in politics.

Apologies accepted

The thefts committed by Marie Ève Rancourt were observed on Monday. In a video posted on Facebook, the candidate could be seen removing a Parti Québécois (PQ) flyer from a resident's mailbox.

The resident concerned posted the video. “What's in my mailbox, whether it's a flyer, a statement or a check, belongs to me,” the man wrote on his Facebook page.

The theft was committed in the Camille-Laurin riding, formerly known as Bourget. This is where the leader of the Parti Québécois (PQ), Paul St-Pierre-Plamondon, introduces himself. During the afternoon, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois would have texted him to apologize, in addition to trying to call him. However, the two politicians have not yet been able to speak to each other in person.

According to Paul St-Pierre-Plamondon, this kind of gesture “discourages people from politics”.

“I accept the apologies of Québec solidaire, but the meaning of the gesture remains the same, comments the leader of the PQ. At the party level, QS must position itself on a gesture that is immoral, undemocratic. At the PQ, a candidate who would make this gesture, I would meet her to say ¨sorry you can no longer be part of the team¨.

On the side of the Director General of Elections of Quebec (DGEQ), it is indicated that the Election Act does not regulate this type of behavior.

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