QS wants to create 80 km of tram lines in Montreal

QS wants to create 80 km of tramway lines in Montreal

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, candidate in Gouin and spokesperson for Québec solidaire.

While in the east end of Montreal, the spokesperson for Québec solidaire, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, announced his plan for the public transport network on the island of Montreal, which notably includes the creation of numerous tramway lines.

Extension of the green and orange lines, creation of a purple line from the city center to Laval via the northeast of the island, 80 km of new tramway lines… QS presented a $47 billion plan for a “mesh [of the Montreal territory] without going through the city center,” argued Marie-Eve Rancourt, solidarity candidate in Camille-Laurin.

< img class="aligncenter" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/qs-wants-to-create-80-km-of-tramway-lines-in-montreal-bb22fcd.jpg" alt="QS wants to create 80 km of tramway lines in Montreal" />

QS wants to create ute; er 80 km of tram lines at agrave; Montreal

Courtesy – Québec solidaire

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