QS wants to verify if there are criminal acts within the QMJHL

QS wants to verify if there are criminal acts within the QMJHL

Quebec Solidaire (QS) MP Vincent Marissal is asking the government to convene the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (LHJMQ) before a parliamentary committee. Light must be shed on the criminal acts committed in the middle of junior hockey, in the wake of the scandal of torture, rape and humiliation raging within Hockey Canada, he believes.

“I am deeply disturbed to learn that young hockey players have suffered such inhumane treatment even though the adults who were supposed to protect them knew about it. Too many people have turned a blind eye to the toxic culture in hockey for too long, it's time to take action to end it, ”comments Vincent Marissal.

“As elected officials, we must ensure that our young people can practice their sport in a safe and fulfilling environment. Those who have tolerated these outrageous acts must be held accountable.”

Of his side, the leader of the Parti Québécois (PQ), Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, specifies that this situation is unacceptable, and that a “significant cleaning” is essential in the wake of the events. He also suggests that a review of the QMJHL model is desirable so that this kind of situation does not occur here. “We must review the QMJHL model to ensure that player development takes place in everyone's safety, and especially for the safety of the players themselves,” he says on this subject.


The interim leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ), Marc Tanguay, also points out that a cleaning is necessary within Hockey Canada, and that better supervision must be applied within the various hockey organizations.

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