QS welcomes the disengagement of the CDPQ from Policity Ltd

QS welcomes the disengagement of the CDPQ from Policity Ltd

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, spokesperson for Québec solidaire

Québec solidaire rejoiced in a press release at the imminent decision of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) to sever its financial ties with Policity Ltd. The latter manages the National Police Academy of Israel, criticized for some of its teaching methods, in particular those linked to repressive practices.

Human rights organizations have in the past documented cases of torture and degrading treatment of Palestinian political prisoners, including children, at this academy. The CDPQ holds major shares in Allied Universal, which acquired G4S in 2021. The latter owned, before this acquisition, 25% of the shares of Policity Ltd.

The recent decision by G4S to sell its shares in Policity Ltd is seen by some as a significant victory, partly attributable to citizen mobilization on this issue.

According to MP Haroun Bouazzi, thanks to the commitment of civil society, the pension money of Quebecers will no longer be associated with Policity Ltd. Mr. Bouazzi also recalled that he had, last March, proposed a bill aimed at integrating environmental and social criteria into the objectives of the CDPQ, highlighting the importance of guaranteeing that the Caisse's investments are in accordance with international law and human rights.

Last May, when questioned on the financial links between the CDPQ and Policity Ltd, in particular on the accusations of torture, the director of the CDPQ , Charles Emond, had stated that the Caisse did not support this type of activity.

This development in the CDPQ's investments will be closely monitored, in particular to assess the repercussions and the new directions taken by the CDPQ. ;institution.

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