QUB musique gives back more to local musicians

QUB music gives back more to local musicians

QUB musique

Streaming platforms have won over the masses, even though they are much less profitable than selling albums for artists. Fortunately, the Quebec platform QUB musique gives back more to the industry, more precisely 11 times more than the other popular platforms.

But do not expect thousands of dollars. We are talking about $6.38 per month per subscriber. Still, that's above the $0.56 Spotify and Apple Music average of this world.

But how to explain this? Because the more Quebec artists we listen to, the more money they have. And the total listening rate of performers from here is much higher on QUB musique, standing at 76%, than on the other Canadian platforms, where it only reaches 8%.

No less than 13 of the 15 most listened to albums on the platform are from Quebec.

Here are the winners:

1) Phoenix – Charlotte Cardin
2) Nights in Repentigny – Les Cowboys Fringants
3) Perseids< /em> – Cœur de Pirate
4) Star Académie 2021 – Star Académie
5) Our reunion– Star Académie
6) My Lullaby – Jonathan Roy
7) Just like on the first date – Mario Pelchat
8) All beauty is not lost – Vincent Vallières
9) SOUR – Olivia Rodrigo
10) Incarnat – Ariane Moffatt
11) PICTURA DE IPSE: Direct music – Hubert Lenoir
12) Impossible to love – Cœur de Pirate
13) 30 – Adele
14) The sky is down – Louis-Jean Cormier
15) Three Little Words– Dominique Fils-Aimé

Objective: visibility

Creating visibility for local artists is a essential part of the mission of the platform belonging to Quebecor, explains its senior director, Marc-André Laporte.

To do this, a significant amount of content creation work, in texts and videos, has been carried out to promote local artists. In addition, music specialists create playlists showcasing new talent from La Belle Province.

“If we promote music from here, people will listen to it . It is a need that exists for real, we can see it. And the more listens we generate, the more we can give back to our industry,” concludes the director.

Approached byMétro, several Quebec record companies refused to comment on the difference in $6 between contributions to the local music industry from QUB and popular platforms.

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