Quebec could ban evictions for conversion to Airbnb

Qu&eacute ;bec could ban evictions for conversion to Airbnb

The provincial government is opening the door to putting in place measures to protect tenants from evictions caused by landlords who want to rent their homes on the Airbnb platform.

Housing Minister France-Élaine Duranceau wants to introduce additional measures to better defend the interests of tenants, reports La Presse.

“Whether it is the question of evictions for Airbnb, the F clause, wild renovations, we will act on it,” she assured, during a press conference in Laval , as part of the inauguration of social housing.

Québec solidaire urged the provincial government to take up this problem a few days ago. “A simple amendment to the Civil Code would remove the conversion into tourist accommodation as grounds for eviction permitted by law,” the left-wing party argued at a press conference in Montreal on Wednesday.

The Minister of Housing announced that she and her parliamentary assistant, MNA for Labelle Chantale Jeannotte, are currently reviewing all the rules affecting landlords and tenants.

Vulnerable people who are thrown out of their homes after years, for what I would call ordinary reasons, I find it deplorable and I don't I don't intend for it to last

France-Élaine Duranceau, Minister of Housing.

“I am open to anything because I am in the process of consulting. I don't want to do things piecemeal, and I don't want it to take months and months. We will wait for the recommendations,” concludes France-Élaine Duranceau.

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