Quebec injects millions into meals on wheels

Quebec injects millions into Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels, Center du Vieux-Moulin, Montreal.

Meals on Wheels in the province will receive $10.5 million in funding from Quebec. This sum will help them pursue their mission, which consists in particular of delivering affordable meals to the homes of seniors or those with a loss of autonomy.

It’s the Minister of Seniors, Sonia Bélanger, and the Regroupement Meals on Wheels of Quebec who made the announcement together, Wednesday morning. This funding will benefit the 300 Meals of Quebec, which serve the entire territory. “More than 75,000 people are already served by meals on wheels,” said Sonia Bélanger.

The Minister recalled that meals on wheels is sometimes the only visit seniors receive in a day. This sum will therefore make it possible to improve home support services, believes Ms. Bélanger.

“This is a significant and long-awaited increase [in funding]”, rejoiced Karine Robinette. , Executive Director of the Meals on Wheels Association of Quebec.

In the metropolis, Meals Montreal, which brings together meals on the island, provides 80,000 hot and frozen meals a year to vulnerable people.

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