Quebec invests millions in the network of charging stations for electric vehicles

Quebec is investing millions in the network of charging stations for electric vehicles

A car is plugged into an electric charging station.

Quebec is investing $60 million to add terminals to its network of direct current charging stations (DCFC), which currently has 1,200. In the process, financial assistance of $6 million was offered to a Quebec specialist in electric vehicle charging, FLO, to stimulate the development of a new generation of more powerful electric charging stations, a project that amounts to nearly of $24M.

“The public charging offer is essential to Quebec’s successful transition to an electric vehicle fleet. The addition of more than 367 new public terminals is one more step towards the presentation of the next government strategy on electric vehicle charging, which will soon be launched,” said Environment Minister Benoit Charette.

These two announcements were made during the International Electric and Intelligent Transport Summit (TEI), which is being held at the Palais des Congrès until March 15. In total, the Government of Quebec has selected 81 projects totaling 367 terminals of 100  kilowatts and more, distributed across 131 sites on the territory, with a view to achieving the targets contained in its Plan for a Green Economy 2030 (PEV  2030).

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