Quebec presents a $225.8 million plan for the cultural sector

Quebec presents a $225.8 million plan for the cultural sector

Minister of Culture and Communications, Nathalie Roy

Wishing to “consolidate, shine and propel” Quebec's cultural milieu, the provincial government is announcing a plan worth $225.8 million over three years. Visual arts, music, cinema, crafts, museums: the plan divided into 33 measures unveiled Sunday morning by the CAQ Minister of Culture, Nathalie Roy, aims to help all sectors of activity of the ;cultural industry.

“These additional funds show that culture is a real priority for our government. It’s a plan resolutely turned towards the future, to celebrate the creativity of our Quebec artists,” said Ms. Roy, at a press conference.

A sum of $123.3 million must be devoted to “consolidating the achievements” of the cultural community, in particular to “put in place safety nets, develop new clienteles, strengthen government actions and deal with the scarcity of labor. -work”.

The plan provides for the extension until March 31, 2023 of the ticketing assistance measures and assistance for audiovisual production, a measure at a cost of $57.5 million.

Quebec will also invest in “direct and rapid aid” for artists, which will take the form of an influx of $2 million into the emergency fund for artists and cultural workers in the performing arts.

Wishing also to fund clients who were not historically funded by the Ministry of Culture, the Council of Arts and Letters of Quebec (CALQ) or the Society for the Development of Cultural Enterprises (SODEC ), Quebec reserves $5 million for small performance halls and alternative venues.

“These places are very important. These are places where young artists often begin their careers. So we need it and we're going to take care of it,” said Ms. Roy.

Movie theaters in the province will have access to $1 million in additional funds to renovate their rooms. The assistance program for the promotion and dissemination of Quebec cinema will be increased by $4.6 million.

Museums will see an increase of $10 million in assistance to their operation. As for arts training organizations, their operating budget will be increased by $4 million.

The development assistance program to structure and consolidate audiovisual production companies will be revised and funded to the tune of $6 million.

Managed by the CALQ, which is a government corporation reporting to the Ministère de la Culture, the support program for the mission and specific programming will be increased by $28 million over three years and will be adapted in particular to recognize the scarcity of labor factor.

The basic budget for this program is currently $89 million, according to CALQ President and CEO Anne-Marie Jean. The granting of additional funds will make it possible to give more predictability to the organizations supported by the CALQ, according to her.

“It will allow them to see it coming and to resume their activities in the way they are used to doing them by recognizing different issues: the shortage and retention of the workforce, the reconquest of the public. During the pandemic, organizations have experimented with all kinds of outreach, digital outreach. Some of these experiences have been very promising and the organizations would like to integrate them into their mission from now on, so they will be able to do so,” explains Ms. Jean.

“Making culture shine”

In order to “make culture shine”, Quebec will invest $79.5 million. According to Ms. Roy, this should translate into “more shows with more artists and performers, more touring and promotion”.

“We have all seen that the next generation and emerging artists We've had it particularly difficult for two years, so we're going to fix it,” she says.

The first parts of shows will now be eligible for the SODEC representation assistance program, which, like the CALQ, is a state corporation reporting to the Ministry of Culture.

In order to “support a greater number of projects and artists”, Quebec is also adding $30 million to the CALQ artist grant program. A proportion of 20% of the annual envelope will be devoted to emerging artists and graduates of art schools who have completed their training in the past two years.

A sum of 7 M $ is also intended to increase the visibility of emerging artists from immigration, who are Aboriginal or who have a disability.

An additional $2.5 million will be invested as part of a new program aimed at supporting emerging filmmakers.

The circulation of works from all artistic fields throughout Quebec will be supported by an increased investment of $7 million for dissemination in public, atypical or alternative places.

The Quebec plan also includes a new support program for musical self-production which will have a budget of $3 million. The recently created music publishing assistance program will receive $3 million to make it permanent.

The program for festivals and events will be revised to make room for something new in the sector, at a cost of $6 million. An additional amount of $3 million will be allocated to the assistance program for artisans and arts and crafts businesses.

A sum of $9 million will be invested in promotional initiatives and “large-scale cultural projects”. The assistance program for publishing and promotion in the literary community will also be increased by $2 million.

“Propelling culture”

“We must now take advantage of all the opportunities that are offered to make our culture an even stronger driver of our pride. In the midst of the reopening of foreign markets, Quebec must be present, increase its efforts so that Quebec works can continue to amaze well beyond our borders and conquer new audiences,” said Ms. Roy on Sunday.

In order to move towards this objective, a new SODEC program to be financed to the tune of $3 million should make it possible to support music publishers, sales agents and creative cultural industries in the export of Quebec culture.

Quebec is also investing an additional $3 million to support international tours and market development and co-production, as well as $2 million to “encourage cultural organizations that stand out for their audacity and ability to innovate and propose development projects. scale”.

A new program for creative cultural industries, which will be endowed with $15 million in funding, will aim to support all types of digital production such as augmented virtual reality, immersive installations or more podcasts.

Musicians Guild

On the side of the Guild of musicians and musicians of Quebec, we welcome the new plan for the cultural environment. The president of the Guild, Luc Fortin, even sees it as a form of innovation on the part of the Quebec government.

“We are talking about helping the next generation much more than before and also helping the small venues and alternative venues that never got much help and suffered a lot during the pandemic. The fact that we are increasing the budget at the CALQ for the creation, it’s good because there was a lack for the song”, underlines Mr. Fortin in an interview with Métro.


He also says he appreciates the increased support provided to musicians who choose to self-produce.

“It’s good that we can help them, because there was nothing for them at SODEC. It’s something we’ve been asking for for a long time, that SODEC be able to give assistance to this business model,’he specifies.

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