Quebec still says no to the LNG gas pipeline, no offense to the Conservatives

Quebec still says no to the LNG gas pipeline, no offense to the Conservatives

Manon Massé, co-spokesperson for Québec solidaire.

In a motion passed today, the National Assembly reaffirmed that it does not want the LNG Quebec natural gas project, after Conservative Party leadership candidates brought the issue back to the day.

The LNG Quebec project aimed to export natural gas from Western Canada to Europe via a gas pipeline and a liquefaction plant located in Saguenay. However, the government refused to authorize it.

The motion submitted by the co-spokesperson of Québec solidaire, Manon Massé, reiterates that this decision was made because the promoter could not demonstrate that the project met environmental requirements.

The National Assembly asks the federal political parties to respect the decisions and the will of this Assembly.

Excerpt from the motion of Québec solidaire

This text once again underlines that Ottawa had recognized that; such a project would slow down the energy transition initiated by Canada. The motion tabled by Québec solidaire also reaffirms the lack of social acceptability of the GNL Québec project.

The conservatives and the IEDM say “yes”

The motion comes after recent outings by the leaders of the Conservative Party leadership race over GNL Quebec. In turn, Jean Charest and Pierre Poilievre were in favor of the project.

The Montreal Economic Institute (IEDM) also threw a stone into the pond yesterday. An IPSOS poll commissioned by the IEDM suggests that 53% of Quebecers would like to see the LNG Quebec project succeed in order to allow Ukraine and the rest of Europe to reduce their dependence on Russian oil. Only 29% would oppose it.

“While the government presumably wanted to propel us into the future with its bill prohibiting the exploitation of hydrocarbons, it seems rather that this one turns out to be completely anachronistic,” declared the president. public policy analyst at the MEI, Gabriel Giguère.

This survey directly contradicts other surveys commissioned in 2021 by environmental groups. A Leger poll conducted in March 2021 showed that only 27% of Quebecers polled were in favor of GNL Quebec, compared to 53% of opponents. Another showed that 85% of Quebecers would refuse to pay more for their electricity to finance the project.

More recently, the Legault government passed a law prohibiting any hydrocarbon exploitation project in Quebec.

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