Quebec will offer free shingles vaccine to certain people

Quebec will offer the shingles vaccine free to certain people

The shingles vaccine will be free starting next month for people aged 80 and over as well as for immunocompromised people aged 18 and over. Shingles, a disease caused by reactivation of the varicella virus in adults, affects about 27,000 people annually and results in about 600 hospitalizations, according to the Department of Health website.

The vaccine will be offered to the target population in vaccination centers and will be offered in several pharmacies. Vaccination teams will also tour CHSLDs. Appointments will be available in a few weeks on the Clic Santé portal.

Vaccine efficacy is estimated at 90% for all age groups, with long-term protection of about 10 years.

Free shingles vaccination was provided for in the last budget tabled by Finance Minister Eric Girard, when the government planned to spend $124.6 million over five years to provide free shingles vaccine. the shingles to 800,000 people.

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