Quebecers would love fetish clothing

Les Québé cois.e.s would love fetish clothes

Yes, the leatherette is having an effect in the province!

Sex toy, lingerie and erotic gift company LoveHoney has just revealed its 2023 Sex Map, a naughty map created from sales made on its website. And it reveals some surprising details that concern us.

First of all, know that Quebec is the Canadian province where you buy the most fetish clothing: leather harnesses, revealing thongs, chaps and other naughty garter belts.

In Montreal, more specifically, it seems that male solitary pleasure is all the rage. It’s the Canadian city where the most money is spent on masturbators for men, also known as fleshlights.

Quebec City , women have the most fun. The “Womanizer X We-Vibe Golden Moments Limited Edition Pleasure Collection” vibrator is the product that has won over the capital the most.

Despite these popular purchases, Quebecers do not get the prize for the most naughty in the country. Instead, Ontario spent the most money at Lovehoney in 2022.

In Canada, we like it big!

Another fun fact about our erotic shopping habits: Canada is the country in the world where we buy the biggest dildos. We can thank in this regard the province of Newfoundland and Labrador which buys the toys with the largest circumference (4.6 inches on average) and the Northwest Territories which buys the largest dildos (average length of 5.4 inches).

Do you need to take pictures to understand the extent of the phenomenon? No problem, here are a few! The length of all sex toys purchased in Canada in 2022 could reach the top of the CN Tower in Toronto no less than four times. The total quantity of lubricant sold could fill 42 spas. Finally, enough handcuffs and restraints have been purchased to arrest the entire population of Baie-Saint-Paul in Charlevoix.

For even more fascinating facts like this, you can check out said Sex Map .

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