Racing expensive

Des courses dispendieuses

Golf carts may only be driven on the public highway.

December 21, 2019-4: 00 am


Racing expensive

Des courses dispendieuses

Martin Lafrenière

Le Nouvelliste


SHAWINIGAN — If you are covered by a prohibition from driving a motor vehicle, riding on public roads at the wheel of a golf cart can be very expensive.

This is what was learned from a citizen of Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, passing by the palace of justice in Shawinigan, Tuesday. This individual must pay a $ 1500 fine for having been surprised at the wheel of a golf cart in Lac-aux-Sables in June 2018.

The individual was coming from a private campground and borrowed the public road to head to a business adjacent to where he was intercepted by the police.

After checking his record, police found that a prohibition from driving a motor vehicle on the public road during two years had been imposed on the individual who had pleaded guilty in 2017 to a charge of driving his vehicle while impaired by alcohol.

The individual pleaded guilty to this new offence during his time at the palace of justice shawiniganais. If it had been intercepted at the wheel of a car, it is the prison that he would have probably welcomed.

As noted in the Société d’assurance automobile du Québec, you can not drive on the public highway a road vehicle without registration. It is also forbidden to drive on the public highway a vehicle equipped with a registration plate is intended to travel on land or a private road. But it is allowed to cross a public roadway at the wheel of a vehicle of this type. In other words, the offence committed by the citizen of Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures is a result of the fact that it has been circulating on the public highway.

“If this person had crossed that path, there would have been no consequences, but as it has been circulating on the road, a fine is imposed. When a person is in a prohibition from driving following a conviction related to alcohol or drugs, she may not drive any vehicle that is in circulation on a public road,” says Anne-Marie Dussault Turcotte, publicist at the SAAQ.

A person subject to such a prohibition, however, may drive a motor vehicle on private land. For example, an individual can ride a ATV on his land in woods and a golfer can obviously walk around in a cart on their golf course favorite.

Ms. Dussault Turcotte indicates that the conduct of an off-road vehicle does not require the possession of a driving licence.

For ATVS and snowmobiles, there are clarifications to be made, ” she says.

“From the moment where you must cross a road, street, or any public road, you must have a driving licence or a probationary licence valid for any class, or holder of a learner licence is valid and meet the conditions attached to them.”

The individual in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures has a year to pay the fine. The court does not impose a prohibition of driving additional.

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