Raising the minimum wage, “not a good solution” according to Legault

Raising the minimum wage, “not a good solution” according to Legault

François Legault

The fight against inflation should not be resolved by raising the minimum wage, according to Prime Minister François Legault. “It is not a good solution to go and touch the minimum wage”, he reacts, in an exchange at the Blue Salon with the solidarity Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.

“Usually, we do not exceed 50% of the average salary, because there is a risk of seeing jobs disappear, among others in the regions. The average salary is not the same in Montreal as in the regions. [There are] students who work in convenience stores who could reduce their hours and who would lose income, ”fears François Legault.

We have already raised the minimum wage from $12 to $14.25. There are students working in $14.25 convenience stores. But there, he [Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois] is telling us that in certain regions, he would abolish certain jobs.

François Legault, Premier of Quebec

“Insulting” reaction

But “to think that these are just students who work at minimum wage, it’s insulting, it’s wrong”, reacted Mr. Nadeau-Dubois in point press afterwards. “François Legault is completely disconnected,” he slices. “I can't believe even the liberals had more compassion than that.”

The CAQ could still raise the minimum wage based on inflation, but nothing more. A much more substantial increase would however be necessary, positions Québec solidaire. “We don't need pennies, we need piasses. We need a historic increase in the minimum wage,” said Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.

Since its election, the CAQ has increased wages by 18.8%.

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