Rapper Akon is going to invest in an ecotourism project in Senegal

Le rappeur Akon va investir dans un projet écotouristique au Sénégal


January 9, 2020 22h56


Rapper Akon is going to invest in an ecotourism project in Senegal


Agence France-Presse


DAKAR — The rapper Akon has decided to invest in eco-tourism on the Atlantic coast in Senegal, the country of origin of his family, said Thursday officials of the government and the sector.

Known for her hits R&B “Locked Up” or “Smack That”, the singer and producer of american-senegalese 46-year-old has signed on Tuesday in Senegal an agreement with the public company Sapco (Société d’aménagement and the promotion of coasts and tourist areas of Senegal).

“Beyond its status of the artist, this is Akon, the investor who has faith in Africa, which is received”, said the ministry of Tourism in a press release published on the occasion of this signing.

The contours of the final project still to be specified. The secretary-general of the Sapco, Alioune Ndiaye, said on Thursday AFP that the document signed was a memorandum of agreement and that the amount of the investment was not yet arrested. Akon intends to erect a complex in the village of Mbodiène, south of Dakar, he said without more precision. A spokesman for the ministry of Tourism has talked to village project of sustainable tourism.

A part of the senegalese press goes so far as to anticipate the construction of a city “sustainable” and “futuristic” true “Akon City”, tens of hectares.

The rapper, Alioune Badara Thiam, his real name, was born in the United States to parents from senegal and has spent part of his childhood in Senegal before returning to the age of seven years in the United States, where it has attained later fame.

It is not the only celebrity to go back to the sources for a similar investment. The actor and british film-maker Idris Elba is planning to build a tourist complex eco-friendly on an island in Sierra Leone, another country in West Africa where his father was a native. There has been received for the first time in December and received the citizenship.

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