(Re) see the documentary “Inside Lara Roxx” on Tënk

(Re) see the documentary “Inside Lara Roxx” on Tënk

“Inside Lara Roxx” by Mia Donovan

More than ten years after its release, Inside Lara Roxx by Mia Donovan can finally be viewed online. So hurry up to Tënk (in the series In the vaults of the doc) to immerse yourself in this remarkable documentary.

The filmmaker follows for several years Lara Roxx, this young Montrealer who contracted HIV on the set of a pornographic film. It is the early 2000s in Los Angeles, and AIDS is not really the concern of this booming industry…

With great sensitivity, and without any artifice, Mia Donovan poses thus an intimate and non-judgmental look at the protagonist. We see in particular the devastating consequences of the disease in all spheres of life – mental health included – of Lara Roxx and the glaring lack of consideration of an undoubtedly misogynistic environment.

A cinematic experience of rare accuracy!

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