(Re)live your adolescence in Boucherville with the novel “Le plein d’ordinary”

(Re)live your adolescence in Boucherville with the novel «Le plein d’ordinary””

Write about what you know, they say. For his first novel, The full of ordinary, this is precisely what the young author Étienne Tremblay did. What does he know? Working nights at a gas station, smoking cigarettes and chain joints, fantasizing about a colleague, dreaming of being a poet, being silly with your mother and thinking about your ex. 

For this first book, the author plunged back into his memories of his late teens, in Boucherville. It recounts the summer between secondary 5 and the entry into CEGEP of Mathieu, a regular at service stations on the South Shore who accepts a position as a night cashier in the hope of getting closer to a colleague who caught the eye. 

The author uses a common language while deploying an ultra-precise and detailed pen, easily propelling readers into everyday life and the state of spirit of its protagonist.  

We are immersed in the obsessive, alienated, egocentric, pretentious and ignorant mentality associated with this sometimes ungrateful age, at least in his case. This immersion is done with a lot of skill and humour.  

The references to the era during which the story takes place, that is to say at the turn of the 2010s, are numerous. They will make anyone who has experienced a similar reality smile and, as this one is nothing exceptional, many will be able to find their way around. Under the pen of the author, the very niche becomes universal. 

The full of ordinary is a novel that is easily devoured, even if it tells what There is, precisely, something more ordinary.  

Published by Les Herbes Rouges 
In bookstores March 28, 2023 

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