Rene Kegle accused of the first degree murders of Steve Lamy and Jean-Christophe Gilbert

René Kègle, 38, of Saint-Maurice, was formally charged Wednesday morning at the courthouse of Trois-Rivières, the first-degree murders of Jean-Christophe Gilbert and Steve Lamy.
He will face justice for three murders since he was already accused of killing 19-year-old Ophelie Martin-Cyr, who was shot dead in a Yamachiche field on October 10.

The same day, the burned bodies of Steve Lamy and Jean-Christophe Gilbert were found in a car burned on the road Bradley, Trois-Rivières.

No less than four people have been arrested in connection with these two murders in recent weeks. Gilles Guilbeault was charged with the second degree murder of Jean-Christophe Gilbert. Guilbeault is also charged with pointing a gun at Jean-Christophe Gilbert, assaulting the victim with a sharp weapon, and uttering threats. to cause death.

Shanny Haley, 22, of Champlain, faces a charge of complicity after the murder of Jean-Christophe Gilbert.

Noémie Morin and Mauricio Peralta Severino have been released in recent days. Noémie Morin is accused of first degree murder through the complicity of Steve Lamy. She agreed to go for therapy at Maison Carignan. As for Mauricio Peralta Severino, he faces accusations of complicity after the murder of Jean-Christophe Gilbert and in contempt of a corpse.

Remember that it was Jean-Christophe Gilbert who was killed first, more precisely on October 2nd. His body was dismembered on October 8th. Contractor Steve Lamy was murdered on October 8th.

Their two bodies were thrown into Lamy’s vehicle, which was found burned on Bradley Road on October 10, a few hours after the assassination of Ophelie Martin-Cyr.

René Kègle and Francis Martel were charged in connection with the murder of the girl and the attempted murder of her friend. She had managed to escape the two men by jumping from a moving vehicle.

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