René-Lévesque and Mi-Vallon: which boulevard to finish first?

René-Lévesque and Mi-Vallon: which boulevard to finish first?

The City of Sherbrooke indicates that René-Lévesque Boulevard will not be extended before 2023.

Share November 4, 2020 1:36 p.m. Share René-Lévesque and Mi-Vallon: which boulevard to finish first?René-Lévesque and Mi-Vallon: which boulevard to finish first?

Jonathan Custeau La Tribune Councilor Annie Godbout is beginning to feel the urgency to complete the last phase of René-Lévesque Boulevard, which would connect the current boulevard to Bourque Boulevard. Her colleague Évelyne Beaudin believes that priority should instead be given to extending Boulevard Mi-Vallon to increase the social acceptability of residential projects at the intersection of the Rock Forest and Carrefour districts.

Ms. Godbout spoke at the end of the municipal council, Monday, in reaction to the comments of a citizen who said he was disappointed with the new developments at the corner of Boulevard Bourque and Rue du Haut-Bois. The City has removed the ramps for the right turns this summer, pending a complete redevelopment of the intersection during the extension of Boulevard René-Lévesque.

“I have received few calls from citizens on this subject, but I have heard about fluidity problems linked to temporary arrangements. The aim is to secure pedestrians and cyclists. Many people from the Sélection Network were asking to secure the crossing to the pharmacy. I was surprised to see to what extent we had to demolish almost new sidewalks for this work when we will rearrange everything when René-Lévesque is finished. The message this sends us, and we have also seen it with the new project at the corner of rue Matisse, is that boulevard René-Lévesque must be finished. It must become a priority for elected officials and that the deadline be considered to complete this project. There are a lot of fluidity and mobility issues in the sector, ”comments Ms. Godbout.

The councilor hopes that the plans and specifications for the last segment of the boulevard, between rue Henri-Labonne and boulevard Bourque, can be completed next year for construction during the next term. “The board members will dictate the pace, but I wanted to raise a flag. It is essential not to delay this issue. It is important to have a comprehensive planning of the whole sector. We must also rethink Boulevard Bourque, between Mi-Vallon and President-Kennedy. All these projects are convergent. “

At the City of Sherbrooke, it is reported that the extension of René-Lévesque Boulevard is not planned at least before 2023.

René-Lévesque and Mi-Vallon: which boulevard to finish first?

Évelyne Beaudin proposes to lead Boulevard Mi-Vallon to Boulevard René-Lévesque. Photo La Tribune, Stéphanie Vallières


Évelyne Beaudin would instead give priority to extending Boulevard Mi-Vallon to Boulevard René-Lévesque. “We recently had a consultation on the future buildings around the roundabout on rue Matisse. What came up most often was not the issue of the architecture or the size of the building, but of traffic. As long as these issues are not resolved, they will influence the social acceptability of projects in this sector. “

Ms. Beaudin and Ms. Godbout had in the past conducted a survey on the possibility of extending Boulevard Mi-Vallon and 80% of respondents said they were in favor of this action.

“The services told us they were in favor of looking at this possibility and assessing how much it could cost. I was told that the plans were advanced enough to determine where the extension of the boulevard would pass and I expected that there would be budgetary requests for 2021. I understand that construction is not planned for 2021 , but I will wait for our services to present the project to us to find out more. Everyone would benefit from having this problem resolved quickly. I even did my 2013 campaign on this issue. I would like us to make plans next year for construction in 2022, especially since it is not a long section and there is no built-up land on the route. “

Annie Godbout suggests that she will officially pronounce on this project when a study of municipal services is tabled. “My great concern is to ensure security in front of the La Maisonnée school. It is certain that there will be more transit. We must also plan active transportation infrastructure. It would be interesting to have an objective portrait of the traffic in this sector to make a decision. I was told that the file was ready and that it would be presented to us before Christmas. We know that this affects a lot of citizens. I receive calls from residents of Boulevard Mi-Vallon who do not want their street to be extended. “

Évelyne Beaudin does not want us to wait until we have planned active transportation on the entire boulevard before proceeding. “I am in favor of improvements to make the streets more user-friendly, but we must not put things in opposition. We could unblock Mi-Vallon, make sure the new section is user-friendly and improve the rest afterwards. “

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