Replacement of lead water inlets: 2032 remains the goal, says Plante

Replacing lead water inlets: 2032 remains the goal, says Plante

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante says the replacement of about 50,000 lead water pipes in Montreal is still scheduled for 2032, despite numerous delays. She defended herself during the last city council in reaction to information shared by Radio-Canada confirming that the 2032 objective is unattainable because of the pace of substitution, which is currently too slow.

Ms. Plante explained that the City of Montreal is replacing both public and private water inlets, which is causing a significant delay in the work for public health purposes. The City plans to replace 3,500 pipes this year alone.

“Our administration has decided to take it upon itself to help ensure that private water inlets are done in the same way as public ones. If we transform the public part and leave the small private part unrepaired, the public health risks remain due to lead. The pandemic has certainly slowed down our objectives, but 2032 remains what we want .”

Beware of holes

A few Montreal residents have reported a lack of communication from the City regarding the replacement work, which lasts several months and requires the closure of certain streets. They say they have not received any clear directives in this regard, either from the contractors or from the City.

In response, the mayor calls on the people of Montreal to collaborate and be aware of the importance of replace the pipes since they leave traces of lead in the water, representing a significant risk for children aged 0 to 5 and pregnant women.

“I would like to tell Montrealers that if they see a very circumscribed hole in front of their house, it is for lead entrances. I ask for the help of the population and for them to be aware that we are taking action for public health. We want to keep up the pace, it's a matter of public health and we're not going to let go of it,” said the mayor.

The City of Montreal had identified the problem of lead in the’ water and the need to replace the water inlets 30 years ago.

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