Report on Lino Saputo: Radio-Canada remains

Reportage sur Lino Saputo: Radio-Canada mise en demeure

Lino Saputo

January 22, 2020 0h04


Report on Lino Saputo: Radio-Canada remains


Lino Saputo announced on Tuesday that its lawyers “will give notice” to the journalists of the television show “Investigation” and the Canadian broadcasting Corporation in the wake of the broadcast of a report alleging links alleged between businessman and organized crime.

In a statement transmitted by way of a press release, Mr. Saputo claims to be “a person of integrity and honesty”, adding to have “nothing to hide” and that he “never associated with organized crime.”

According to the business man at the age of 82, that he did not wish to make further comments, the report broadcasted on the 16th of January last “retrieves the old stories and brings no new light”.

The report ofInvestigation concerned, inter alia, that Mr. Saputo — that is the Quebec’s richest according to Forbes with an estimated fortune of $ 5 billion — would have had the links up in the early 80’s with some members of the organized crime. We had mentioned the name of the ex-mafia boss Joe Bonnano.

In his autobiography, which was published last fall, Mr. Saputo, who had bowed out in the family business in 2017, had denied having links with the criminal underworld. The business man is in particular awarded the national Order of Quebec.

When asked about the possibility of removing him from the title, the prime minister François Legault responded that it was to Mr. Saputo to “explain”, but for the time being, it is always about allegations rather than charges to its place.

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