Restaurant owners in solution mode

Restaurant owners in solution mode

At a meeting organized by Pro-Gestion Estrie, some twenty restaurateurs met to find solutions to the problems caused by COVID-19.

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Tommy Brochu La Tribune SHERBROOKE – Sherbrooke restaurateurs are looking for solutions to their problems caused by COVID-19. One of them: to remind by advertising that the restaurants are still open in the orange zone.

This first think tank was organized within the framework of the ENTR + AIDE program, deployed by Pro-Gestion Estrie. “Even if the restaurants are open, there is a message that is conveyed that we should avoid going there,” explains Sylvain Bernier, the business community mobilization advisor at Pro-Gestion Estrie. This idea for restaurateurs is difficult. The issue is that everyone has difficulty advertising their restaurant: they wonder how their customers will receive it. “

“How, in accordance with the instructions of Public Health, with the measures that are put forward, get people to say that it is safe to come to a restaurant? Asks Mr. Bernier.

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    “We are open”, remind restaurateurs


Mr. Bernier points out that reactions can differ. “Some people don't have fears, others do. For a restaurateur, inviting people to his restaurant, you never know how people will react. Does this invitation go against the 28 Day Challenge? Does the restaurant show solidarity with the instructions of Public Health and the government? [We want to] do it collectively and do it well, while staying in the orange zone or falling back into the yellow zone. Restaurant owners do not want to harm the situation, ”he says.

A delivery system where the margin would be less important, making it more interesting for the customer, could also be set up.

“We had in front of us people who show great resilience. “- Sylvain Bernier

“We had in front of us people who show great resilience, who are still motivated despite fatigue,” says Sylvain Bernier. We have seen a lot of exchanges, mutual aid between restaurateurs. We feel the desire to collaborate for the well-being of all. “

Help artists

A network between artists and restorers could also be possible. “The idea is to find an idea to join together in the pandemic, to offer a space to present their works or, according to public health standards, to perform,” describes Sylvain Bernier. How do I attract customers to my home through the contribution of artists and ensure that the artist who currently lacks exposure can have access to a new pool of customers? “

“There will be a think tank with the artists and we will see how we could quickly organize something to put artists and restorers in contact,” he says.

The arts and culture, agri-food and retail sectors, among others, will be surveyed in the coming weeks.

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