Return of electricity by Wednesday for the majority of homes

Electricity will return by Wednesday for the majority of households

The end of the storm and the mild spell expected from Wednesday should allow affected households to regain power.

According to the latest data from Hydro-Québec, just over 47,000 customers are still without power Monday evening. The majority of them should have it back by the middle of the week.

The President and CEO of Hydro-Québec, Sophie Brochu, plays it safe and does not specify any date for the connection of the most difficult to access sectors.

Remember that There were nearly 70,000 homes without power as of this morning according to the Crown corporation, including 350 homes on the island of Montreal still waiting to be reconnected. Nearly 600,000 homes have suffered a power outage at one time or another since the start of the storm Thursday evening.

Fortunately for the Hydro-Québec teams, a strong mild spell is emerging in Quebec starting Wednesday, which will facilitate repair work on power lines.

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