Return on 2019: our best exhibitions

Retour sur 2019: notre meilleur des expositions

A work of the exhibition “Miró of Majorca”, presented at the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec in the summer of 2019

December 21, 2019-4: 00 am


Return on 2019: our best exhibitions

Retour sur 2019: notre meilleur des expositions

Josianne Desloges

The Sun


Among the many proposals in museums, artist-run centres and galleries, several exhibitions we have marked this year. Here is a brief summary.

1 – Miró in Mallorca. A free spirit

Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec

The great summer exhibition of the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec was of the substance and of the plume — as the grandson of Joan Miró, which we guided with an energy that’s admirable. The mature works of the artist, we have retained the passion of the gesture, the influence of the rock-art and japanese calligraphy, humor, do-it-yourselfer and the moon gravity.

2 – Venenum, a world poisoned

Museum of civilization

Retour sur 2019: notre meilleur des expositions

“Venenum, a world poisoned” presented at the Museum of civilization

The Sun, Erick Labbé

Sensory trail consisting of, Venenum, a world that is poisoned gives the impression of wandering through the pages of a herbarium giant, among the aquariums and cabinets apothecary. Experience mesmerizing and informative, which sheds light on how the poisons are ubiquitous in nature and intrinsically linked to human history.

3 – Travel of the gaze, to revisit the landscape of Ivan Binet

Maison Hamel-Bruneau

Retour sur 2019: notre meilleur des expositions

“Chiaroscuro no2” by Ivan Binet

the sun, Patrice Laroche

Trace the broad lines of a work in several parts of the House Re-Bruneau gives me often the impression of visiting the head of an artist. I loved diving into one of the photographer Ivan Binet, where the landscape becomes arrow, sculpture, utopia, travelling, and hear him explain his views of Quebec tinkered with minutiae, such as the paintings of the painter Cornelius Krieghoff.

4- Opera gold of Genevieve and Mathieu


Retour sur 2019: notre meilleur des expositions

“Opera gold” Genevieve and Matthew at Regart


The duo Genevieve and Matthew came to camp set the scene and present their caustic dystopia. A tapestry with a fake mona lisa and of the droppings of cheese were only one of many ingredients of their great thriller expressionist. A heartening research in performance (as it is in fact too little), which culminated on the evening of Halloween.

5- Limbo and reversals of Paryse Martin

Gallery 3

Retour sur 2019: notre meilleur des expositions

“Limbo and reversals” of Paryse Martin

Sun, Yan Doublet

A true joy to see an abundance of works of the artist Paryse Martin deployed in his first solo at the Gallery 3. Following rhizomes marvelous and monstrous, the lady-in hybrid, merges, toying with the galaxies, the botanical species and such a witch to the fingers of a fairy. Wicked good!

6- Datacentrisme or the divine flow of memories waste of Cyndie Belhumeur


Retour sur 2019: notre meilleur des expositions

“Datacentrisme…” of Cyndie Belhumeur

Sun, Yan Doublet

Wanting to be the data, this never-ending stream of digital data, using the embroidery, the artist Cyndie Belhumeur has had a stroke of genius. Of meters of network cables hanging formed the crypts, while vivid paintings of son embroidered showed the different faces of algorithms, the more perfect the more disturbing. The result was striking.

Retour sur 2019: notre meilleur des expositions

“The echo of the dreamers” Mathieu Fecteau and Loriane Thibodeau in the Garden Jean-Paul L’allier in the context of the Passages insolites



OTHER shows (or works) OUTSTANDING

Atom, or the fruit of the stars of Claudie Gagnon, at the théâtre Diamond for its brilliance, literally and figuratively.

The echo of the dreamers Trailer BLING BLING! Passages that are unusual for the presence of soft and surreal.

Punishment of Laurent Craste at Galerie 3, for the tragicomique of vases murdered.

Flights of André-Philippe Côté in the gallery AMF, for the variety of shapes and colors.

Of nature and infinity of Lauréat Marois at the Galerie Michel Guimont, for the slow rapture.

Tell Me Something Valuable of Frederico Lamas to the video Tape, for the hidden images and the subversion of the codes.

Family gathering Ludovic Boney at the Gallery of visual arts, to the playful spirit and the solicitation of the senses.

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