Return to the box departure for Micah Roy

Retour à la case départ pour Michée Roy

Return to the box departure for Micah Roy who has appeared on Monday, on a charge of manslaughter of her child in January 2015 in Richmond.

The Quebec Court of appeal has ordered the end of march a new trial in the record of Micah Roy.

It is new medical evidence added to the record, which has enabled the accused to obtain a rehearing of his case before the court.

In march 2017, Micah Roy had been found guilty of shaking to death her baby. Verdict that has been broken recently since the new evidence based on the expertise of a neuropathologist ontario.

No expert had testified for the defense during the first trial.

Micah Roy, who is held for more than four years, may apply to the superior Court to release him under the condition, by the return of his case before the tribunal on 7 may next.

Micah Roy has been found guilty of the manslaughter of her child with her 69 days in march 2017. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison, a sentence reduced to 8 years and 7 months taking into account the time of remand.

A charge of aggravated assault had originally been brought against Micah Roy when the event had been brought to the attention of authorities in January 2015.

In the shaking violently, Micah Roy would have so provoked in the death of his son Kylen Roy June 7, 2015. The small Kylen had remained in a state of autonomic for several weeks before he died about six months after having been shaken.

It is the death of the child, which had prompted the public prosecutor to amend the charge to that of manslaughter in June 2015.

It’s Me Felix-Antoine Doyon, which provides the defence of Micah Roy.

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