Revitalization of Galt Ouest: traders excluded from the process

Revitalization of Galt Ouest: traders excluded from the process

Benjamin Bureau de Maison Bureau et Bureau, Pier-Olivier Lachance from Immeubles Lachance, Mariana Teneva from Brochetterie La Maison Grecque and André Veilleux from Used Auto Parts Sherbrooke.

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Andréanne Beaudry La Tribune On behalf of the owners of businesses on the south side of rue Galt Ouest, Benjamin Bureau, owner of Maison Bureau et Bureau, denounced at a press conference on Wednesday morning the unfavorable process surrounding the sector's revitalization project.

At the beginning of the fall, a technical working committee was created between the City of Sherbrooke and the merchants of the Center Sherbrooke, in order to study the configuration of rue Galt Ouest.

In an interview with La Tribune, Benjamin Bureau confided that this committee only included merchants from the Center Sherbrooke. Those who are located on the south side of the street could make a few comments on occasion.

“They just didn't include us. We made the request to have a representative on this committee, but the request was refused ”, specifies in particular the owner of Maison Bureau et Bureau.

The spokesperson said, however, that they obtained confirmation that the technical working committee would take into account the various concerns of the owners, including the accessibility of businesses.

“Yet that didn't seem to be the case. We can see it with what was proposed by the technical working committee. For the moment, it is only the Sherbrooke Center that has been able to make its points. “

Benjamin Bureau and his colleagues mainly denounce the process which favors, according to him, certain people, unlike others. “Their concerns are as valid as ours. I just don't understand the City's reasons for believing it was okay not to include us in the process. “

The owner of the Sherbrooke Used Auto Parts building, André Veilleux, says he was never consulted. “It's like we don't exist. “

All the owners on the other side of rue Galt Ouest wish to preserve the accessibility of their businesses since it is an issue that could harm the customer experience, supply and the tranquility of the residential area.

“The ideal would be to keep the parking lots in the street on our side and move the bike path to the north side where there is no business,” explains André Veilleux.

He goes on to the fact that he also doesn't understand the midband advantage. “It would be better to have places where motorists can turn easily. “

The removal of 25 parking spaces is also a disadvantage for many merchants, since most of the parking spaces are on Galt Street West in front of their store.

“I don't understand how the City of Sherbrooke will eliminate 25 parking spaces, and tell customers to park on adjacent streets. They are already full because of the apartment blocks ”, underlines André Veilleux.

He adds that the reality is not the same as on paper. “When you take the trouble to see what's really going on, I think you see something else. On the ground, it's always different than on a plane. ”

Revitalization of Galt Ouest: traders excluded from the process

A few shops on the south side of rue Galt Ouest. La Tribune, André Vuillemin

She listens to us, but doesn't hear us

“The city councilor did not contact us except when I requested it. I had a conversation with her a few months ago to submit my concerns, but I had no further follow-up on the subject, ”says Benjamin Bureau.

André Veilleux also spoke with the municipal councilor of the Lac-des-Nations district, Chantal L'Espérance, in July. He has not heard from her since.

“I think she listens to us, but she doesn't hear us,” says André Veilleux.

However, Benjamin Bureau notes that some politicians are taking a stand in this issue of revitalizing rue Galt Ouest.

“The officials want to create a beautiful city, but we are not in a game. We have to link everything with the businesses that already exist. Right now, I don't feel like it's a transparent process, but rather opaque. We have very political responses, but in the end, we are only asking for recommendations that are very concrete and easily achievable. “

According to these traders, the details of the project could be presented to the next city council, on November 16. According to Benjamin Bureau, traders do not yet know the nature of the changes.

“If we meet our needs, the file will be closed for me and we will celebrate the arrival of its changes. Otherwise, we will propose other recommendations. We will not stop there, because it is all the same about the survival of our businesses. It's not complicated, ”concludes Benjamin Bureau.

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