Richmond dominates and the Capitals crush the Jackals

Richmond domine et les Capitales écrasent les Jackals

The veteran Scott Richmond has been downright hard-nosed on the mound.

August 13, 2019

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Richmond dominates and the Capitals crush the Jackals

Richmond domine et les Capitales écrasent les Jackals

Ian Bussières

The Sun


Guided by a strong performance from Scott Richmond, the Capitals of Quebec defeated the Jackals in New Jersey by a score of 13-0 Tuesday night at the Stadium Canac in the second duel of the four series against the team from the Garden State.

The veteran, who will be celebrating his fortieth anniversary on the 30th of August has been downright hard-nosed on the mound. He has conceded only two meager hits and four goals on balls in seven innings, striking out eight Canines on three times and lowering his average points earned from 4.11 to 3.77.

“Richmond is a guy reliable and serious who wants to perform at every start. Thanks to him and Reilly Hovis and Lachlan Fontaine in the succession, we had our first clean sheet of the year,” said Patrick Scalabrini after the game.

Brantley collapses

The basis of the Jackals, Justin Brantley, had, for its part, given that a point on a balloon sacrifice of Yordan Manduley in the third. However, he began to experience all kinds of difficulties in the fifth inning. A hit, a batter reached, and an error, and the cushions were filled.

The ex-Capitals Rylan Sandoval then committed an error to turn on a ball hit low by Corey Bass, allowing Jesse Hodges to score the second point of the Caps. Brantley then reached TJ White to a pitch with the bases loaded to allow Connor Panas score without too tired.

Held in check since the start of the game, Zach Wilson, and Jhalan Jackson were then emptied the cushions with hits from two points each to the left field to bring the advance of the Caps 7 to 0.

Caught crucial

Just before this surge of six-point, the fielder the right of the Capitals Jhalan Jackson had made a game that was the decisive moment of the match. It has prevented the Jackals from scoring by jumping to catch the ball and fly a circuit to David Harris. Jackson then launched the interceptor Brandon Fischer, who has relayed to Yordan Manduley to end the inning by taking Demetrius Moorer backward to the second goal.

“Me too, I thought the ball came out. This is a big, big game Jahlan, because if it would not, it became 3 to 1 for the Jackals. He is a player so exciting!” said Scalabrini.

As if he was struck with a curse against his former team, Sandoval has committed another blunder that allowed two other points to mark in the ninth.

“I hope that the guys will use this game to play without pressure and have fun together by the end of the season. Some guys seem to believe, take pleasure to play a spoilsport and, who knows, may be required to enter in the playoffs by the back door. Let’s hope it becomes contagious!” ends Scalabrini.



Connor Panas has spent a few seasons with the “dream team” that the Toronto Blue Jays are in the process of building in the major leagues with Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Bo Bichette, and Cavan Biggio. And the first goal and left fielder Capitals, a native of the queen city still dream of joining his former comrades at Rogers Centre.

“I played two or three seasons with them and won two championships in row, one in A fort [in 2017 with the Dunedin Blue Jays] and the AA [in the last year with the Fisher Cats of New Hampshire]. I really felt that I was part of the group and I thought I would be recalled to Toronto one day me too”, told the athlete of 26 years before the match on Tuesday.

“They are excellent baseball players, it was really nice to be there at that time. I stayed in contact with Vlad, Cavan and Bo… I pleased, when they have graduated in the major, and I do it also when they carry out exploits,” he continued.

Recently, it is the young Bo Bichette who has made eyebrows by establishing a record of a major with 13 more shots a goal in his first 11 games in the major leagues in more than beat some team records, all that at 21 years of age.

“I’m not surprised to see Bo do it all. It is such a good player and you could see it from the minor leagues. It is difficult to tell which one is the best, but Vlad… he is so full of talent and he is only 20 years old!” says the Torontonian, who has always dreamed of playing for the team of his city.

Exchanged for Richard

Unfortunately, at the end of the month of December, the Jays have traded Panas to the San Diego Padres against the aging pitcher left-hander Clayton Richard.

“I think I’ve played well there, I even reached the AAA level. But the Padres really have an organization full of hopes and youth players and they decided to release me. I have no regrets, I’ve given everything,” he continued.

“It is a little bitter-sweet, this trade to the Padres… but all of it has led me to defend the colours of Canada for the first time at the pan american Games, and winning the silver medal. It was a first for me. And now with the Capitals, it’s only a few games that I play here, but it is a good caliber of play.”

We feel, however, that he would have liked to continue his career path in the organisation of the team to his hometown. “The Jays, it was my dream… if I ever have another opportunity to come back in this organization, I will not hesitate,” he concludes.


No change expected

10 days of the date of the freezing of rosters in the league, Can-Am, the manager of the Capitals, Patrick Scalabrini, does not anticipate making any additional change, it has already used 53 players already this year, without counting those that have never been reported in Quebec after being committed to the team, such as Michael Cruz and Josh Kimborowicz. Scalabrini classifies these files as a “bitter disappointment”, as the field player inside Melvin Rodriguez and outfielder Andrew Godbold, who have not made that switch and have nothing broken, and that the team had a lot bet on them.

Bob Marley to forget

The manager Patrick Scalabrini has developed a good trick to cope with difficult situations. “My daughter was upset and I explained to him that when you’re not in a good mood, you listen to Bob Marley and it always ends up happen,” he told the media before the game. While his team is experiencing the worst season in its history, the Scalabrini was forced to admit that the friend Bob would often hear his voice in the headphones recently. “I take it personal, that’s for sure. This is my team that I have built this winter. I can’t point the finger at anyone other than me. There have been unforeseen circumstances such as injuries and Cubans who arrived later than planned, but it is still clear that I have misjudged some players,” he summarized.

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