Rimouski will host the Jeux du Québec in the summer of 2022

Rimouski accueillera les Jeux du Québec à l’été 2022

Of the athletes who will participate in the 57th final of the Jeux du Québec in the summer of 2022 in Rimouski, surrounded by the mayor, Marc Parent and the president of the organizing committee of the event, José Arsenault.

December 16, 2019 23: 40


Rimouski will host the Jeux du Québec in the summer of 2022

Rimouski accueillera les Jeux du Québec à l’été 2022

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RIMOUSKI — The pride and emotion were palpable among the municipal employees, the members of the provisional committee and the partners just after the announcement, Monday, of the choice of Rimouski city as host of the 57th final of the Jeux du Québec in the summer of 2022. Sports Québec preferred to Rimouski to Drummondville and Châteauguay. “It was a solid competition,” argued the chairman of the interim committee that will become the organising committee, José Arsenault.

Surrounded by the work committees and of the municipal councillors, it is the mayor Marc Parent who has received the call of the chairman of the board of directors of Sports Québec, Michel Allen. “This announcement has just marked a historic moment for the City of Rimouski,” says Mr. Parent. I warmly thank Sports Québec to grant us this confidence […]. What pride to be able to finally say loud and clear that we are THE city which will have the chance to welcome thousands of athletes and their families in the summer of 2022! It is a showcase of incredible for our community, which will radiate across the province, in addition to reap the economic and social benefits the major. I would like to thank the entire population for their solidarity and support.”

“It was presented with the heart of our bid and the people of Sports Québec have noticed that it was well organized, that it was not in every sense,” added Mr. Arsenault. We knew how to innovate, you have been able to pass through a process very rigorous, very serious.” The preparation of the nomination file of Rimouski lasted thirteen months. A broad mobilization garnered the support of thousands of citizens of the region and over 1,500 people have shown their interest to be volunteers for the event. “There were 8200 people who have spontaneously given their support for the Jeux du Québec in Rimouski,” said Mr. Arsenault. So, this is 16% of the population.”

“I think we really had the perfect profile to receive the Games, but it is mainly the solidarity of the players in the middle that Sports Québec has been recognized in the application”, according to José Arsenault. According to him, the work to host the event will be the subject of a “tight management”. “We have something important to deliver, is conscious of it. But, it is extremely well equipped. Sports Québec accompanies us, and the fact that Rivière-du-Loup is our neighbor Games 2021, it is an asset, according to me. We are going to learn right now with the approach of 2021 and we will work together.”

Budget of $6 million

The provisional committee has far exceeded its goal of $ 500,000 in terms of financial support from the community. The amount raised for the moment, to 855 000 $, on a total amount of $ 1.5 million, to be achieved by the Games. The organizing committee will have a budget of $ 6 million, including $ 1 million in cash and $ 400,000 in services from the City of Rimouski. The balance will be paid by grants and by Sports Quebec. In addition to the budget of $ 6 million for the organization of activities, Rimouski will receive $ 5 million from Quebec for the facilities and the sports infrastructure.

Forty employees, and about 3,000 volunteers revolve around the organisation of the Games, which will take part about 3500 athletes.

Xavier Desjardins-Won is one of those. The 14-year-old Rimouski will participate in the Jeux du Québec for a second time in the discipline of archery, a sport which he has been taught by his grandfather. “It gives visibility to the sport and the young people, seeing the performances of the athletes, will be interested”,-he hoped.

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