Roaming: how can we help this winter?

Itin & eacute; rance: comment can we help this winter?

An itinerant man carries his personal belongings in the city center.

With winter upon us and the snow is already well established in Montreal, how can we help homeless people during the cold season? Here is a little practical guide to the Old Brewery Mission.

Top 10 items most in demand today:

  1. Deodorant, shampoo and shower gel (travel size)
  2. Toothbrush and toothpaste (travel size )
  3. Underwear
  4. Winter gloves
  5. Warm socks (no knitted socks)
  6. Stretchy pajamas, leggings and pants (for women)
  7. Tops & # 8211; hoodie type (for women)
  8. Winter boots and coats (L/XL/XXL and plus size – for men and women)
  9. Bus and metro tickets (STM)
  10. Laundry detergent (pods type capsules)

The Old Brewery Mission is asking the general public to limit material donations to this list during the winter season. It is also recommended to label the items offered to indicate the nature of the donation and, in the case of multiple donations, to attach a list of what is in the box or bag so that the contents are more easily redirected to the appropriate department. .

Tips and-tricks when crossing a homeless person

The organization has also made a list of advice gathered from its stakeholders to apply when meeting a homeless man or woman:

1. Say hello to them!

A nod or a “hello” with a smile feels good! “What kills is loneliness. Human warmth is important, ”say the workers at the Old Brewery Mission.

2. To give or not to give?

Giving is a choice that is up to everyone, but if we decide to give, whether it is money or something else, it must be done without expectation or judgment. This money may not be used exactly as intended, but either way it will make a positive difference.

3. If I see someone who looks agitated, what should I do?

If the person seems difficult to approach, it is best not to approach them. When you feel that the person is in distress, call 911. The police can take charge of the situation. They regularly refer people to the Old Brewery Mission and more than 1,000 police officers have participated in the training offered by the Old Brewery Mission.

4. Know the neighborhood resources

It is advisable to find out about the neighborhood resources and thus provide practical information to homeless people. Indeed, while people who have been homeless for a long time are familiar with the services offered in Montreal, this is not always the case for “new” people.

5. Realize that no one lives on the streets by choice

No one is safe from homelessness, which today has many faces. It is essential to keep in mind that some have had a life trauma that leaves them without family, friend, or network to rely on. However, these signs are not easy to detect. We must therefore avoid jumping to conclusions about the person's situation or capacities

Donations can be dropped off, day or night, at the reception of the Old Brewery Mission, at the 915 Clark Street. & Nbsp;

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