Rod Stewart and his son Sean are accused of assault and battery

Rod Stewart et son fils Sean sont accusés de coups et blessures

Rod Stewart

4 January 2020 17h17


Rod Stewart and his son Sean are accused of assault and battery

Freida Frisaro

The Associated Press


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — The legendary singer Rod Stewart and his son Sean is facing charges of assault and battery following a skirmish with a security guard at a private event in a hotel in Palm Beach on the evening of the New Year, according to a police report.

Jessie Dixon stated to the police officers of Palm Beach that Stewart and his group were waiting at the registration table for a private party to which they were not allowed to attend.

The group has started to make noise. The guardian has attempted to intervene by placing his hand on the chest of the son of the singer and telling her to step back to let him pass to potential participants.

Sean Stewart, aged 39, is placed in front of the security officer. It would then be pushed back towards the rear. It was then that the singer-74 years old to have struck Mr. Dixon a punch to the rib cage.

The police report notes that Sean Stewart has stated to investigators that he became agitated because his group could not attend the event because of the actions of Mr Dixon.

Two witnesses, employees of the hotel, told police that they had seen Sean Stewart to push the keeper and Rod Stewart hit.

According to an officer who saw the images provided by the surveillance cameras of the hotel, Rod and Sean Stewart were the main aggressors.”

Mr. Dixon has signed a statement in which he said that he wanted to file a complaint against his two assailants.

A representative of Rod Stewart has not responded to the Associated Press.

Rod and Sean Stewart have received a notice of court appearance for February 5.

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