Rosalie Bonenfant makes her cinema in “Inès”

Rosalie Bonenfant does her cinema ;ma in «Inès»

Rosalie Bonenfant

Inès, director Renée Beaulieu's third feature film (The mechanic, The sluts or the natural sugar of the skin), ends up in the  cinemas on Friday with, on her poster, a Rosalie Bonenfant feverish at the idea of ​​donning for the first time an actress costume on the big screen, which she has so eagerly awaited.  

< p>For her baptism of the seventh art, Bonenfant personifies a 20-year-old young woman who suddenly enters adulthood, left behind by an intellectually handicapped mother (Noémie Godin-Vigneau) and a father (Roy Dupuis) ​​with whom she maintains a dysfunctional relationship, both cold and fusional.  

“She's a sick girl. She needs to cling to something and understand why she is clinging. She was deprived by losing her mother at a very young age and her father is not able to fill her emotional void. Inès, in search of answers, will get lost in all kinds of compulsions”, draws Rosalie Bonenfant as a portrait of her alter ego. 

Rosalie Bonenfant does her cinema in «Inès»

Rosalie Bonenfant in a scene from the film Inès
Courtesy Productions du moment

Sombre jeunesse< /h3>

The adolescence (or coming of age) of Inès is not that of On your marks… party! The protagonist, who is of all the scenes, tames a rock and roll sexuality, spawns with drugs and loses the north while desperately trying to find her way. Rosalie Bonenfant does not hesitate to describe the fate of her character as a “descent into hell”. 

“And we follow Inès very closely. We receive the film with an emotional charge. We are more than witnesses of what she lives! We develop an empathy for Inès, whom we would like to help and who is not able to help herself. 

To prepare to meet the challenge, Rosalie Bonenfant has created a playlistof songs that she associated with the world of Inès. Renée Beaulieu had banned any cell phone or technological device on her set, just to keep her world focused between sequences. Rosalie also multiplied research on drugs and stole a chat from France Castel, who supported her thanks to her background as an actress and ex-drug addict. 

“She explained to me how each drug acts on the body…» 

(Very) daring scenes 

Rosalie Bonenfant's mother, host Mélanie Maynard, often told her perfectionist daughter that she had to “learn to botcher“. For the filming of Inès, Rosalie had to lend herself to a similar exercise: to abandon herself… for better or for worse.  

“Inès is gripped in her belly, while Rosalie is gripped in her head, the main image interested by way of comparison. She watches herself live, wants to do well and intellectualize what she lives, to understand it, to name it, to rationalize it… When it is useless. Feelings are not an end, they pass through us and are transient. I had to do a work of deconstruction, to let myself be crossed by something.” 

“Some nights I would come home and my body was still shaking. I had abandoned myself to the point of convincing my own body…» 

Abandonment, it took Rosalie Bonenfant to be at peace with the fact that we would see her masturbating and that we would hear him cum abundantly on the screen.  

“My brain blocked that information, giggles the interpreter. I didn't even expect to be able to appreciate the film, being so self-evaluating and intransigent. I expected to judge myself. I had neuroses and body dysmorphia; I was enormously ugly in this film, and I expected not to find myself beautiful. I had been warned not to watch the movie alone, but in the end, the first time I saw it, I didn't even think about it. The film was bigger than my little neuroses.” 

Rosalie Bonenfant does her cinema in “Inès”

Rosalie Bonenfant in a photo shoot for Métro
Credit: Josie Desmarais

Feel In a galaxy… 

This first major role, Rosalie Bonenfant has longed for and hoped for. Her adult entourage found her “very cute” when she hammered home her desire for the stage when she barely knew how to speak.  

“I was two years old, I put on a costume and I said that I wanted to become Normand Brathwaite (laughs). There was this desire for the show, to dive into a lot of emotions. For a long time I felt like I had too many emotions for myself, and that I was going to have to give some to someone. A bit like philanthropists who have too much money and give it to foundations (laughs). » 

The tiny Rosalie Bonenfant, born in 1996, posed very young in magazines, in the arms of her famous mother. Tall as three apples, she hung out backstage at Two Girls in the Morning. A reality which certainly did not harm his desire to work in the spotlight, but which also killed very early on the illusion of glamor often inherent in public professions.  

“It always showed me that it was a job. I had been in magazines before I had a purpose in a magazine. So it quickly tamped down all that aspect.” 

Among his memories in the television industry, a title, In a galaxy near you , resonates louder than the others.  

“It's my childhood,” slips Rosalie. It is Stéphane Crête who brings me sweets. There is something mythical for me, in the smell of the set of In a galaxy… I am hypersensitive, and my olfactory memory is particularly nostalgic. It was the first time that I understood what a set, spots, scenery smelled like. When I was young, when I was asked why I wanted to be an actress, I answered that it was because it smelled good on a set. Some are nostalgic for the smell of their mother's spag sauce; I still have the smell of my mother's dressing room in my nose!” 

Rosalie Bonenfant does her cinema in “Inès”

Rosalie Bonenfant in a photo shoot for Métro
Credit: Josie Desmarais

Something like a pride 

Rosalie started living her dream before she finished her studies. At 17, finding herself young to try her luck in theater schools, she went to have fun in visual arts at the Cégep du Vieux Montréal while respecting at the same time acting contracts in The Parents, 30 Livesand Jeremiah. With work commitments eating up too much of her time, she then took a sabbatical from school, which was originally intended to be temporary… but which ultimately continues to this day.  

< p>“It's good luck and bad luck. I like to say that for four years, instead of going to theater school, I did therapy… (laughs)» 

Rosalie's career was launched. The series mentioned above followed one another on his agenda, columns at Énergie and Rouge (for five years), the writing of a book (The time I wrote a book , Hurtubise editions, 2018), the animation of the magazine C'est quoi l'trip?, on ICI, the co-animation of Two men in gold and Rosalie , which continues for a second season today…  

Stimulating projects, which she loved, which she still loves and of which she is very proud. But the artist admits that her desire to become an actress was so violent that she may not have benefited as it should from the professional graces that have fallen on her for 10 years.  

< p>“It hurt my gratitude in the last few years. I have been entrusted with many projects that I would never have dared to ask for. And I didn't always feel like I belonged. It all happened so fast; I didn't even have time to dream of hosting a talk show at Tele-Quebec! Whereas, to act, I wanted it so much that, when the role of Inès arrived, I did not feel like an impostor. Finally, something was happening, the universe had heard me! I knew I had something to say…” 

“For someone who always feels a bit like an impostor , I manage, with this project, to feel something that is perhaps close to pride… I take advantage of it, because there will be no others, first first film!” < /p>

Rosalie Bonenfant makes her film in «Inès»

Rosalie Bonenfant in a raw scene from the film Inès
Courtesy Productions du moment

The film Inès, which also stars Roy Dupuis , Noémie Godin-Vigneau, Mélanie Pilon and Maxime Dumontier, opens today, Friday, May 6.

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