Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie: the construction season is on

Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie: the construction season has begun

The patience of motorists traveling on the territory of the borough of Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie is again severely put to the test this year, because there are more construction sites and their inseparable orange cones than ever.

Made by the City of Montreal or the Société de transport de Montréal (STM), these works very often cause closures of streets and alleys that it is better to identify in order to better plan your trips.

Here are the main construction sites and streets to avoid during the summer season.


“The repair of the structures of the Christopher Columbus/Carrières underpass marks the start of a major project to redevelop and secure the intersection. It will be totally different, much safer and more pleasant for all users, once the work is finished,” said Émilie Thuillier, responsible for infrastructure, buildings and asset maintenance on the executive committee of the City of Montreal, during from a press conference in February 2023.

During the work, a traffic lane will be maintained at all times for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists on Christophe-Colomb Avenue.

Although complete closures and short durations are to be expected for the realization of certain works, a detour route will be maintained for the duration of the obstruction. On rue des Carrières, complete long-term closures are also planned, particularly during the demolition and reconstruction of the bridge. In this sense, a passage will be set up for pedestrians and cyclists and a detour path will be maintained.

Gorilla Park

“L he development of Gorilla Park will provide neighborhood users with a unique place to relax, rejuvenate and socialize. The former railway wasteland will be completely transformed into a natural environment where wilderness, culture and the history of the neighborhood will come together”, mentions the Rosemont-La Petite borough on its website

The obliquely shaped park will cross the block bordered by Beaubien Ouest, Saint-Urbain and Saint-Zotique Ouest streets and Esplanade Avenue. The section of Waverly Street that borders the park will accommodate transitional developments, while work on a major private real estate project is completed.

Work on the transitional development of the park on Waverly Street began last March and will continue until the fall of 2024. Parking inside the future park area (mainly the space on the north side -east of rue Waverly) will be prohibited in order to allow the work to be carried out.

Marconi-Alexandra sector

Widening of sidewalks, addition of bike lanes, planting of trees and plants, development of drainage ditches, addition of street furniture, burying of the cable network: the Marconi-Alexandra sector will be the subject of several works over the next few years.

The redevelopment of rue Saint-Urbain, between rue Beaubien Ouest and avenue Beaumont, is scheduled for the end of the summer season.

Work on rue Saint-Urbain will include; the construction of a designated cycle path in the southbound direction, a one-way cycle path in the opposite direction in a reserved space in the northbound direction, the one-way construction of the street towards the south, the planting of 50 new trees and the replacement of streetlights.

Rue Beaubien Ouest will also be transformed by the development of one-way bike paths, the reduction to 2 lanes of vehicle traffic, security at the Saint-Urbain intersection, the widening of sidewalks, and the planting of trees.

Lead and asphalt service entrance

Since the beginning of March, the lead service entrance work has begun and will continue until the end of the fall. The City of Montreal's info-travaux site makes it possible to precisely identify the streets concerned and to find out the duration of the work.

Among the main streets completely closed, we find:

  • Rue D’Iberville, between avenue Elsdale and rue Bélanger until July 10
  • avenue De Chateaubriand, between boulevard Rosemont and rue de Bellechasse until July 8
  • Avenue Mozart Est, between Avenue De Gaspé and Rue Drolet until June 8
  • Avenue Louis-Hébert, between Rue Holt and Rue Masson until June 5
  • Avenue de l’Esplanade, between rue Saint-Zotique and rue Joseph-Tison, until the end of May
  • Rue Chabot, between rue Saint -Zotique and Beaubien, until June 27

Note that the pavement will be resurfaced on 12th Avenue, between rue Bélanger and rue Saint-Zotique, on rue Fabre, between rue Beaubien and rue Saint-Zotique, and on rue Sagard, between rue Bélanger and rue Augier.

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