Roxham Road could close

Roxham path may close< /p>

As U.S. President Joe Biden prepares to make his first official visit to Canada this Thursday evening, March 23, an agreement regarding irregular migration issues, including Roxham Road, is reported to have been reached between Ottawa and Washington.

The latter would imply the closure of this path taken by many undocumented migrants during their passage between the United States and Canada, according to information from Radio-Canada.

Although the details of this agreement remain unknown for the moment, the two governments have reportedly agreed on a number of migrants that Canada would be ready to welcome through the regular channel.

More than; information related to this agreement could surface during Joe Biden's visit, or after the latter has left Canadian soil. dien.

The announcement of the closure of Roxham Road will require careful preparation by the authorities, as it could cause a sudden influx of people at the Canada-US border.

According to Radio-Canada, this agreement is the result of close collaboration over the past few weeks between Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser and their American counterparts.

On March 22, during a press conference, Justin Trudeau affirmed that for several months, “Canada has been working closely with the Americans to restore the situation at Roxham Road and to look at the Safe Third Country Agreement. . We will continue our work, then we will perhaps have something to announce.

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