Roxham Road: “Quebec has provided more than its share of effort”

Roxham Road: “Quebec has provided more than its fair share of effort”

The Premier of Quebec, François Legault

Quebec cannot do more with the arrival of asylum seekers via Roxham Road. At least that is what Prime Minister François Legault expressed in a letter sent to Justin Trudeau on Sunday.

Quebec’s reception capacity is “largely exceeded” which raises “several considerations of importance”. humanitarian order”, in particular to find adequate housing for newcomers, explains Mr. Legault. He also names the “untenable” pressure exerted on community organizations and public services for assistance, health, education and francization.

“Quebec has provided more than its share of; effort,” said Mr. Legault. The Prime Minister is pleased that Ottawa has decided to direct asylum seekers to other provinces, but is asking for more.

First of all, François Legault wants to ensure that this movement of migrants to other provinces is done for all newcomers on a permanent basis and as soon as possible.

He is also asking for reimbursement of all costs related to the reception and integration of asylum seekers for the period of 2021 and 2022, a figure he estimates at several hundred million dollars.

Finally, he asks that the Safe Third Country Agreement, which governs the entry of asylum seekers, be renegotiated with the United States so that it also applies to Roxham Road.

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