Ruba Ghazal again candidate for QS in Mercier

Ruba Ghazal has a new candidate for QS in Mercier

The members of Québec solidaire in the riding of Mercier have designated their representative, and it is Ruba Ghazal who has been officially invested. Gathered at the Le Boudoir bar on Mont-Royal Avenue for this evening hosted by comedian Christian Vanasse, a crowd of activists gave their support to the candidate.

“The confidence of members honors me and delights me. I am ready to raise the voice of the people of Mercier ever louder in the National Assembly, when Quebec will have to make decisive choices for its future. We have concrete and credible measures in housing, to help people cope with the cost of living and to fight against climate change,” declared Ruba Ghazal, after his inauguration.

La porte- Québec solidaire's voice in terms of the economy and the French language had already been elected in 2018 with 54.4% of the votes in Mercier, and wants to focus its candidacy on the recycling crisis or the quest for social justice.


The riding of Mercier covers most of the Plateau-Mont-Royal territory. It has already been represented by former Premier Robert Bourassa and writer Gérald Godin.

Since 2008, the year of Amir Khadir's first election, the riding has been a stronghold of Québec solidaire.

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