Ruba Ghazal in the race to succeed Manon Massé

Ruba Ghazal in the race to succeed Manon Massé

MNA for Mercier Ruba Ghazal will run for the post of co-spokesperson for Québec solidaire (QS), which will be vacant after the departure of Manon Massé. The latter indeed revealed earlier this week that she will be leaving office next November.

Reiterating her commitment to the left-wing party since its founding in 2006, Ruba Ghazal considers that it is “quite natural” for her to submit her candidacy, she confided to La Presse.

“ I have been an activist since the founding of the party and I have been able to contribute to advancing our social project. I want to go even further,” she said.

The workhorses of the elected official will be the environment and the fight against climate change, Quebec language and culture, but also the question of Quebec’s independence, which she wishes to raise again. with more vigor.

“In the party, we talk about these issues, but it is as if it is not heard enough for Quebecers. I want to put that forward, I want people to hear about independence, about our project to get there,” said Ruba Ghazal.

The MP also expressed her desire to broaden the base of potential supporters of the party, by reaching out to other groups in society, while remaining “true to the values” of QS.

Ruba Ghazal is currently the first to have officially indicated her interest in the position of co-spokesperson for Québec solidaire. Among the elected officials who could replace her are Christine Labrie, MP for Sherbrooke, and Alejandra Zaga Mendez, MP for Verdun. However, the political party could select an unelected member of the National Assembly.

The person chosen to succeed Manon Massé will be appointed at the party congress to be held from November 24 to 26.

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