RV2 Technologies puts Quebec glass in the tires

Glass in a tire? In general, it is synonymous with “punctures” and “bad news”. But for the glass that will be treated by RV2 Technologies, it will be very different.

The Quebec company announced Monday it has entered into a $ 100 million supply agreement over 20 years with the recycling company Tricentris, which will provide 30,000 tons of glass powder per year. What interests RV2 is the main component of glass, which is silica. At its new (and first) plant in Lachute, next to the Tricentris facility, RV2 will convert this recycled glass into “precipitated silica”, a substance that is added to many consumer products (especially tires, but also paints, coatings, etc.) to improve their durability.

According to Claude Pouliot, General Manager and co-founder of RV2 Technologies, the fact that the glass recovered in Quebec does not have a good reputation (it is often mixed with a lot of “impurities”) will not be an obstacle. “In Quebec, our glass is not unraveled. Unlike what happens in other countries, white glass is put with colored glass. And that’s a problem for those who want to redo glass with that. But for us, it does not change anything, “he says.

The interest of the agreement with Tricentris is not only economic, but also ecological, since the use of the glass of the “collection bins” is much less damaging for the environment than the mining extraction.

Originally, explains Mr. Pouliot, it is a technology “that was on the shelves of CRIQ [Quebec Industrial Research Center, located in the Techno Park of Quebec]”. With other partners, Mr. Pouliot set up RV2 Technologie, taking advantage of the expertise of Silicycle, a Quebec company specializing in the manufacture of high quality silica products – of which RV2 is a subsidiary.

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