SAAQ: still chaos despite the new measures

SAAQ: still chaos despite the new measures

SAAQ users learn after waiting four hours that they will not have an appointment

The wait is always long in the branches of the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ), despite the additional measures that were deployed today.

Among the new measures announced by the Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility Geneviève Guilbault, we include the gradual addition of 150 employees in seven branches, the addition of digital self-service kiosks, a reduction in the number of spare parts; necessary identity and a review of the opening hours of the service points.

Measures which do not seem to improve the situation.

The daily capacity of SAAQ service points, available online, indicates that the Langelier service point can accommodate 350 people with appointments and 25 without appointments. This morning, about fifty people were waiting there, divided into three lines. Around noon, the SAAQ sent them home, forcing them to try their luck again at another branch or another day. Métro has also seen the dissatisfaction of these users, some of whom had already waited four hours before being fired.

On Twitter, a citizen explains that her appointments you with the SAAQ have already been canceled twice. After getting a third, she finds it “really ridiculous” that there's no guarantee it won't be canceled too.

The SAAQ’s call service is overloaded to the point that the call service is overloaded. waiting itself experiences problems and automatically hangs up the line for certain users, testifies Annie Bousquet on Twitter. 5Etfw[/embed]

The ineffectiveness of the new measures put in place by Quebec is due to a “messy government”, maintains on Twitter the liberal Monsef Derraji, parliamentary leader of the official opposition.

In a communication with Metro , the SAAQ invites people to make an appointment before going to one of its points of service and to delay their visit for anything that is not urgent, in order to do give priority to files that are more pressing.

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