“Sacr*ment”: Stephen King crowned in Quebec on Twitter

«Sacr *ment”: Stephen King crowned in Quebec on Twitter

Stephen King

Best-selling author Stephen King has just tweeted “sacrament” and Quebec Internet users are freaking out. Other local swear words, as well as references to Lance et compte, have been surging in the comments.

Since this morning, Quebecers, including several public figures such as MC Gilles and Manon Massé have a great time retweeting and commenting on this famous tweet.

Among the funny comments were:

  • “He has just discovered Lance and Account.”
  • “Is often used with Ginette example: “Sacrament Ginette””
  • “He just discovered Lance and Account.”
  • “He must be wondering why there are so many big words that he doesn't know that appear in the replies!”
  • “What is the word that comes to mind when I have to use public transport in the metropolitan area?”
  • “Last hour : Pierre Lambert hacked Stephen King's account.”
  • “I thought Stephen King was tweeting about the $5.25 subway ticket”

But why?

If this funny tweet provokes hilarity among many, it came from an intention far from being comical.

Speaking of the abortion situation in the United States, the best-selling author first tweeted, “If men could have babies, abortion would be a scrament.”

A typographical error having crept into the last word of this first tweet, the writer simply wanted to correct his mistake. Probably not knowing the meaning of this word in Quebec, he must have had no idea of ​​the buzz he was going to create in La Belle Province.

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