Sad farewell to Scott Richmond

Tristes adieux de Scott Richmond

In his last game with the Capitals, Scott Richmond has had a difficult exit. In 4.2 innings, he gave up nine earned runs on 11 hits. The only consolation, he pulled out six hitters batting that has allowed him to exceed 1500 (1501) career in the pros.

August 28, 2019

Updated 29 August 2019 at 0h42


Sad farewell to Scott Richmond

Tristes adieux de Scott Richmond

Olivier Bossé

The Sun


The last release of Scott Richmond with the Capitals has been as sad as rain on Wednesday night, before you see the launcher from the atlantic League. Rain that was shortened to seven innings the defeat of 10-3 suffered at the hands of the Eagles of Trois-Rivières, Quebec.

Small consolation, gunner, who will be 40 years old Saturday, has collected his 1500th withdrawal stick to a professional career, in the third inning. With six strikeouts spent in the mitten in front of 1122 braves spectators never really dry to the Point Canac, its counter is made to 1501.

Richmond has especially awarded four routes to the Eagles, slaps Anthony Hermelyn, Taylor Brennan (2 pp), Raphael Gladu (3 pp), and Levon Washington. Richmond will be given nine points on 11 hits in only 4.2 innings of work.

This does not prevent it from making its case Thursday for Long Island, where the Ducks are waiting for their final month of their season and the playoffs. This will be his third participation in qualifying only in career, after having won the championship in Taiwan in 2016. Long Island leads its division in the standings. Richmond was close to being traded to Winnipeg last week.

“This is not about what kind of game that I would have liked to finish. I am proud to be a launcher made and when my shots are not effective, good hitters like those Three-Rivers beat them”, he regretted Richmond, after the defeat.

Lovers attentive

“I am pleased to join a winning team, but I very much enjoyed my experience in Quebec city. The fans are not here for the beer and pay attention to the game. They applaud when it is the time and as a Canadian [he comes to Vancouver], I was proud to see that. And I realized that it can become very pleasant here when you win, which unfortunately has not often been our case this summer.”

Richmond (5-5, 4.24 in) will be named the pitcher of the year in the Capitals, Thursday, on the occasion of the last game local. He will not be there to receive his award. Its defeat Wednesday was his first in his last seven starts since July 5, and his first against the Eagles.

“He must rely on his season to this part,” said the manager of the Capitals, Patrick Scalabrini, on the ground that”after the first three or four weeks more difficult, Richmond was one of the best starters in the league until today,” and “a great leader”.

Scalabrini sent to Long Island to do her a favor and was in any way a player to the Ducks in return for Matt Marsh.

The Capitals have entered into this fifth setback in a row, scoring no points in seventh, despite the bases loaded and no outs.

Glaude on the button

The Eagles would have liked the referee Marc Genest puts a stop to the meeting earlier. The synthetic field had become very slippery and a wound would have proved very costly to the eve of the playoffs, where the Capitals are eliminated.

Speaking of injury, the manager of T. J. Stanton prefers to rest the front-field, quebec David Glaude, injured his foot the day before. “This is not serious and if it was in series, it would play. But then, it would be that it only plays the last game of the season, Monday,” said Stanton.

In addition to the attack which produced two sets of four points, the fourth and fifth, Three-Rivers has seen his gunner starting Domenic Mazza (5-2, 2,61) dominate during five rounds in the rain with just one earned run on three granted.

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