Safia Nolin “unplugged” version at Bon-Secours, we were there!

Safia Nolin version & laquo; unplugged & raquo; & agrave; Bon-Secours, we were there!

Safia Nolin gave a magical concert on Thursday evening at the Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Secours chapel for the launch of her latest EP Seum . This Friday, the singer-songwriter will also perform in a completely different atmosphere at Les Foufounes Électrique.

It is barely after 8 p.m. when, by the orange glow of the candles and to the applause of her audience, Safia Nolin takes the stage. Or rather, she presents herself on the altar of the Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Secours chapel, converted into a gallery for her angelic voice. Without a microphone and simply accompanied by guitarist Marc-André Labelle, she begins Mourir au large .

The reverberation of his voice on the high ceilings of the sacred place makes one shiver. “When I'm looking for my place/May the world settle down/I'm drowning in the dark”, we have the impression that she is whispering, the show is so intimate. From her latest EP, she will also sing PLS and Person , but also 1000 , which she considers “the most depressing of show ”.

Dagues and I don't understand from her album Dans le noir , just like Claire , was also.

Safia Nolin and the surprises of the holiday season

And precisely, Claire Pommet – to whom this last piece is dedicated and that we know under the pseudonym Pomme – joins Safia Nolin on stage. And the duo delicately resonates the Christmas classic White Christmas .

Together, they thus close the triptych of the holiday season started by Safia Nolin a few moments earlier. She did not hesitate to stroll through the aisles of the church, singing Christmas everywhere as close as possible to the spectators.

Then, Safia Nolin and Pomme offer the assembly a sublime interpretation of Lesbian Break-up Song . The magic happens.

Finally, anyone who is used to Safia Nolin concerts knows that these meetings are a safe space in which she can indulge herself without fear. But, downside of the evening, those who did not have the chance to be in the front rows had difficulty hearing what she was saying & # 8230; Whatever! A “we love you Safia” takes off from the public, testifying in itself to the benevolent atmosphere that reigned there.

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