Samuele sings joyful transidentity in sign language

Samuele sings joyful transidentity in sign language

Samuele, queer and committed Montreal artist, better known in France than in Quebec, is releasing his 3rd album, A spangle in the gear, spreading her joy of being trans, one spangle at a time. The 12 titles of the opus, which address the question of gender with a rhythmic sweetness, will be translated into Quebec sign language (LSQ) in their respective video.

The artist characterizes his musical style of “dirty pop”, a catchy pop sound with a twist of grinding guitar notes. Forced to compose his album alone during the pandemic, the artist wrote the tunes no longer with his band, but with his trusty acoustic guitar and software that he had to learn to use on the job. The result, after three years of production, is more electro than for his previous albums.

“Transitioning is also a lot of joy, not just drama, sadness and violence”, claims Samuele. 

Samuele – The Machine (interpreted in Quebec Sign Language – LSQ)

The 36-year-old songwriter and educator's self-funded 3rd album combines his two passions, music and gender identity education. The title is inspired by the expression “a grain of sand in the gears” and claims that “small gestures can have a big impact”, says the artist, who “campaigns for a better world” through music. Thus, the committed and rhythmic texts of the 12 tounestrade the difficulties experienced by trans people with the celebration of being a happy trans, one glitter at a time!

Samuele and his group have just returned from a tour of several dates in France. They played in January their new songs in Paris, Lyon, Toulouse and Montauban, while show dates are long overdue in Quebec. However, her second album, The wise girls go to paradise, the others go where they want, was noticed at the Gala de l'ADISQ with a nomination for the album of the year in 2017.

They want this 3rd album to be “as inclusive as possible”. It was therefore designed for trans, queer, hearing, hard of hearing and deaf people. The work as a whole is divided into an album-booklet that can be listened to and read and video clips in Quebec sign language (LSQ). All songs will be released gradually and will be translated into LSQ by deaf poetess Hodan Ismael Youssouf and interpreter Fanny Dubé. 

< p>Reaching out to communities is difficult, but I hope to build bridges with deaf and hard of hearing people with my LSQ videos.


The booklet-album is a tactile throwback to paper format, lavender color, album covers that we dissect and revisit. The artist shares there, in about twenty pages, the lyrics of the songs, illustrations and photos and confides his thoughts on mental health, love in the broad sense, the queer concept, and “transitude”, or the experience of being a trans person. Subjects covered in his concerts and conferences which are explored here.

Available in Montreal bookstores L’Euguélionne and was it not summer since February 20, the link to the free downloadable songs is included with the album.

For fans of music without the booklet, the songs are available on all digital music platforms and its Bandcamp page.

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