Sanitary measures: Legault will take stock on Wednesday

Sanitary measures: Legault will do le point Wednesday

Premier of Quebec, François Legault

As the number of cases in Quebec reaches an unprecedented high, it & rsquo; s time for decisions. Premier François Legault will provide an update on Wednesday on the new health measures that will be in effect in the province.

“As in many places in the world, Quebec is faced with very difficult choices. What guides us is the ability we will or will not have to treat sick Quebecers in the coming weeks. We will come back to you tomorrow with our decisions, ”the Prime Minister posted on his social networks.

In an update on the health situation on Monday, the Minister of Health Christian Dubé admitted that the imposition of no measure was ruled out, considering the “worrying” trend in the number of cases and hospitalizations. The return of a curfew, limiting the movement of Quebecers, has not been ruled out.

The government got its hands Monday evening on projections of hospitalizations and the number of cases of the National Institute of Excellence in Health and Social Services (INESSS). These predictions “will probably not be encouraging”, predicted Mr. Dubé already on Monday. & nbsp;

“There are eight million in Quebec. And we are at war. It is war on the virus right now, “said Christian Dubé.

Draconian measures

In less than a week, Quebec is completely closed. While Christmas gatherings have been limited to 10 people, a measure that could be changed again by Wednesday, several establishments have been forced to close their doors. Among the lot are cinemas, spas, gyms, casinos and bars.

Schools in the province closed their doors on Monday evening. All extracurricular activities are canceled. Vaccination services and the distribution of rapid tests, however, remain available in schools, as do childcare services, in particular to allow health workers to continue to go to work.

CEGEPs and universities remain open for exams and internships. Schools that planned to reopen their doors before January 10 will have to rely on distance education.

For the first time since the start of the pandemic, more than 5,000 cases were recorded in Quebec on Tuesday. In two weeks, the number of cases quadrupled in the province.

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