Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse and Pier-Luc Funk star in “Last Resort”

Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse and Pier-Luc Funk stars of «Last resort»

Pier-Luc Funk and Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse for the 2021 Mammoth Ball

Longtime accomplices, inseparable in hosting the Mammoth evening for young people at Télé-Québec for the past five years, Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse and Pier-Luc Funk will once again have the opportunity to work together, this time in a major fiction series, Dernier recours, produced by Aetios (District 31,Lifelong,Happiness) and that Club illico will add to its catalog in 2023.

In this story against the backdrop of a social and political saga, put together by screenwriter Anita Rowan (O'), Labrosse will play Éléonore, a lawyer, and Funk will lend his features to Jacob, a journalist.

The common point that binds our two young wolves? They are hungry for social justice. Together or separately, they denounce injustices, shake the rigidity of institutions and try to restore the confidence of citizens in the system. The Éléonore-Jacob duo, idealistic and tenacious, choose their causes to make David triumph over Goliath, in a sometimes hostile and complex context.

A prestigious director, Louis Choquette (Les honorables,After,The gentleman) has been associated with Dernier recours, whose filming of the 10 one-hour episodes will begin this summer. The rest of the cast, which we promise to be of high caliber, will be revealed soon.

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